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Eagle Valley High School: Yanavey An Yanavey An

Ms. Yanny, Yana, Yan

Nickname: Ms. Yanny, Yana, Yan

How many years in valley: 3

Parent(s): Sokemthea Mok

Sibling(s): Lisa, Spencer, Emma, Sema

I was named Yanavey because:It was the name of a lady in Cambodian Legend that represented the highest most exalted woman.

If I would have been a boy, I was going to be: Spencer

I’m sick of hearing my parent(s) say: I can’t think of anything.

I admire: Anyone who’s been broke, alone and scared and learned to smile and laugh.

My best memory during high school is: Getting the highest score on a test in my government class.

Most people don’t know that I: Speak Cambodian fluently.

Next year I’m going to miss: The wonderful teacher and counselor – Anne Leavitt).

I’m looking forward to: A fresh start in college and total independence.

I can’t believe: I’m going to start working on fulfilling my dreams. It’s so scary.

Root Beer or Orange soda? Root beer – orange soda is just weird.

Favorite meal? Chicken enchilada with salsa and lettuce.

Favorite music or artist? Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Hill

Advice for younger students: Apply early and honestly for colleges and scholarships, things have a way of being over looked and suddenly it’s crunch time.

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