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Eagle Valley High School:Justin Kyle Wood

Nickname: WoodyHow many years in valley: 5Parent(s): Steve and Sharon WoodSibling(s): One younger sister, SarahI was named Justin because: They liked the name.If I would have been a girl, I was going to be: I’m not sure.I’m sick of hearing my parent(s) say: Why can’t you just be nice to your sister?I admire: My dad because of his hard work.My best memory during high school is: The 2002-2003 football season.Most people don’t know that I: Am nice.Next year I’m going to miss: My friends. I’m looking forward to: A change and a different lifestyle.I can’t believe: That I’m graduating.Root Beer or Orange soda: Orange sodaFavorite meal: Steak & potatoesFavorite music or artist: EminemAdvice for younger students: Have fun and take advantage of everything you can.

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