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Eagle Valley High School’s Jesus Garcia: Making the most of amazing opportunities

Last summer, Eagle Valley High School senior Jesus Garcia was in London for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Looking back, even he has a hard time believing he had that opportunity.

Garcia was part of a Snowboard Outreach Society group that traveled to London for the Olympic Games. The kids did some sightseeing, scored tickets to watch beach volleyball and boxing matches and basically acted as ambassadors for their program and for the ski industry. It was an easy role for Garcia.

“I really love the ski industry,” said the nine-year SOS veteran. “SOS was great. It gave me a chance to get on the hill. We couldn’t have afforded it otherwise.”

“I really love the ski industry. SOS was great. It gave me a chance to get on the hill.”
Jesus Garcia
Eagle Valley High School graduate

Beyond the recreational aspects of SOS, Garcia said SOS provided him with some important life skills. “It helped me get to know me better and how to deal with situations,” he said. SOS also tapped into Garcia’s innate leadership qualities. This year, he served as a junior sherpa for the program.

Garcia’s ready smile and easy-going manner sometime mask his steely drive. But after sitting down to talk with him, it doesn’t take long to uncover his inner go-getter. His tales from last summer are a case in point.

Garcia has played football for EVHS for four years and his junior season was a heartbreaker. The team went 1-10. That didn’t sit well with the incoming seniors, and they pledged they would turn it around. The players from the Class of 2013 committed to an aggressive workout schedule last summer and their efforts were on display for all to see during last season’s Devils playoff run.

“We changed it form 1-10 to making it to the semifinals,” said a still-proud Garcia. “It was such an amazing year with the football team going to the playoffs.”

Garcia said his memories of last year’s football team are his favorite from his EVHS career. He is quick to note that his teammates and classmates are a special group.

“I think our class is going to go far,” he offered.

As for his own plans, Garcia is headed to Colorado State University next fall to study electrical and mechanical engineering. He is especially interested in robotics.

As he prepares for his next adventure, Garcia said he is profoundly grateful to his family, his friends and all the teachers and community members who pushed him to do his best in the classroom, on the playing field and in life.

“Thanks to all the people who have helped me realize there is so much more in this world,” he said.

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