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Eagle Valley stages Seussical the Musical

Katie DruckerKdrucker@eaglevalleyenterprise.com
Kristin Anderson/EnterpriseBryan Matthews as Horton rehearses part of "Seussical" Monday at Eagle Valley High School in Gypsum, Colorado.

EAGLE VALLEY, Colorado The famed characters and illustrations from Dr. Seuss childrens books pop off the pages and come to life during this years Eagle Valley High School musical in Gypsum, Colorado.Seussical the Musical will enchant audiences in the EVHS gymnasium Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 7 p.m. each night. This musical is so fun, said Cathy Strickler, EVHS production director. It is an abstract show. It is very different. This show weaves plots together from Dr. Seuss childrens stories. The main plot of the musical is based on the adventures of the sweet-natured, Horton the elephant, a character in Dr. Seusss book Horton Hears a Who. Horton, played by Bryan Mathews, hears voices coming from a speck of dust and realizes that within the dust exists the smallest planet in the universe. Horton makes friends with the race of creatures which inhabit this tiny planet. The audience is guided through the fusion of fanciful adventures by the narration of the tall and mischievous Cat in the Hat, played by Jake Dutmer. It is exciting acting Dr. Seuss stuff out instead of just reading it in a book, said Emily Kingston, who plays Gertrude McFuzz.

But these high school performers are not only acting out Seusss words they are singing them. The majority of this play is song rather than speaking lines, said Rachel McQueeney, who plays a fish. The music ranges from R&B and soul to circus and military types of music.It is a fun mix of music, said Pat Sheehy, music director. This year the music will reverberate off the gymnasium walls instead of the auditoriums and the whimsical journeys of Seusss characters will be acted out on a makeshift stage, due to the Eagle Valley High School remodel.It has been really hard not having the auditorium, said Melodey Mathews, who plays Mayzie La Bird. Adding that rehearsals have mostly been conducted in the music room instead of on a stage. But thanks to donations and the hard work of volunteers who contributed to the construction of the sets and stage, the audience will not notice the change in venue.The sets are going to be amazing and the stage is going to be incredible, Kingston said. The set is probably as big or bigger then we have ever had in the auditorium, Strickler said.

Mike Houck, a general contractor for Red Hawk Construction, designed the set and built it with the help of Jim Alvis and Harry McQueeney all of who have children in the play. It turned out very good. I think there will be a big wow when everyone walks into the gym. It will be pretty spectacular, said Houck. Houck estimates it took 200 man hours to construct the stage. Not only was time donated to build the set materials were donated as well. Six hundred dollars worth of plywood was donated from George Schaeffer Construction and $120 worth of materials was donated by the Edwards Building Center. Alpine Party Rentals donated a truck and driver to transport the set. Despite the casts excitement for the show, the students will be relieved when the face makeup is wiped off and the costumes are undone. The kids are taxed, said Strickler.The cast has been preparing for this performance since January and often dont return home from rehearsal until after 10 p.m.Finishing up is going to be a really big relief, Kingston said. Cost for the show $10 for adults, $6 for students and seniors and $3 for children ages 5 and under. It is going to be a big hit. So come, Kingston said. For more information about the musical, call 970-328-8960.

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