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Eagle Valley students take early step in video career

Katie Drucker
Eagle Correspondent
Vail, CO Colorado
Dominique Taylor/EnterpriseEagle Valley High School film student Cesar Castillo, right, throws the spotlight on Ivan Venzor, left, the student who was the subject of his award-winning film.

GYPSUM, Colorado ” A high school girl enters her bathroom to begin the arduous process of getting ready.

She pulls her long, silky, dark brown hair into a high side-ponytail, applies makeup to accentuate her big hazel eyes and dabs on lip gloss to emphasize the shape of her mouth.

She looks good. But then, she smiles. Her yellow teeth with brown stains, caused by sticky tar deposits, taint the rest of her appearance.

“Tobacco ruins everything,” she says.

This scene is from an award-winning video made by Eagle Valley High School student Paige Genelin. The video, along with 60 other student videos, were entered in the Own Your C (the C stands for “choice) video contest, which was was part of a tobacco prevention campaign.

More than 100 videos were entered. The videos were judged by a panel of 15 people from around Colorado. The judges were looking for creativity, a strong message, a fresh or memorable experience and overall quality.

Out of the five categories ” addiction, big tobacco, cosmetic effects, health problems and social impacts, Eagle Valley students won first place in four of the categories. The winners include: Ashley Atencio, Alex Woods, Paige Genelin and Jaime Proctor. Each of these students won $1,000. Proctor bought herself a video camera with the prize.

Five other students, Molly Lennan, Megan Mcqueeny, Ashley Swann and Kate Denboske, won second or third place in various categories.

“None of the students thought that they would win the prizes,” says Ron Beard, broadcasting and film teacher.

Now everyone in the school wants to sign up for the video production class to compete for those $1,000 prizes, he says.

Video production student Alex Woods says the contest taught him more about how tobacco companies operate and the class has taught him all about filmmaking: everything from angles to filters to adding effects.

“It has taught me to produce a video,” Woods says.

When Beard started teaching the film production class, he saw great videos that never left the classroom. For that reason, Beard now requires students to enter contests and film festivals.

“Why not be the person who gets a million hits on You Tube instead of being the one that watches them,” Beard says.

Beard has taught video production at Eagle Valley for the past two years. He believes he has exposed several students to careers in film.

Cesar Castillo, a video production student, already has his own production company, CCP Motion Pictures. Castillo films special events, such as weddings, and edits DVDs.

Woods says film production, “would definitely be a fun and interesting field to get into. It is definitely a possibility.”

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