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Eagle Valley: What bugs you about driving?

Melanie Wong
Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE COUNTY , Colorado” When the county put up stop signs at the railroad crossing on Miller Ranch Road, some residents didn’t appreciate having to stop.

In fact, when the signs first went up, there were problems with people knocking them down or turning them around, said county traffic engineer Ben Gerdes.

Edwards resident Larry Deckard said he thinks the railroad stop signs are unnecessary.

“The tracks don’t even seem to be in use. Half the time it’s knocked over anyway,” he said.

However, Gerdes said the railroad company requires the signs because the line is still occasionally in use.

Now instead of taking out stop signs, residents who have opinions on the usefulness of speed limits, signs and other traffic control devices can share their comments through the county’s traffic survey.

The county is evaluating traffic control devices in Eagle-Vail, Edwards and unincorporated Eagle County through an online survey to see if any are unsafe or unnecessary. The survey started last October and will run for another six months.

Some comments have already got traffic engineers in action.

For example, many people commented about the speed limit on Squaw Creek Road at Cordillera being too low, Gerdes said.

“Right now it says 35 (mph). People want it at maybe 45. We’ll do a speed study and see what people are going and what is safe,” he said.

Singletree and Homestead residents also commented on unnecessary stop signs in the neighborhood. People thought some could be taken out or replaced with yield signs.

Other residents said they want to see traffic signals on Highway 6 in Edwards at the Riverwalk exits.

Eagle-Vail resident Amy Allen said a traffic light would help at the exit by Starbucks.

“You can sit there forever and not be able to get out,” she said.

Edwards resident Melinda Carlson said she thinks Edwards needs more traffic lights in general, but that the Riverwalk stretch is especially bad.

“Turning left out of there, you’re putting your life in danger. They’re going to have to do something about it,” she said.

Gordon Kruger said he thinks the traffic light by the trailer park in Edwards is in a bad location. The light is a bit west of the entrance of the trailer park, and doesn’t help residents when they are trying to exit or get in, he said.

“The only time it’s not green is when a pedestrian presses the crosswalk button. They should move that light to the entrance of the trailer park,” he said.

To give your opinion, visit http://www.eaglecounty.us and select the Traffic Control Device Survey link. For more information, call the county’s Engineering Department at 970-328-3560.

Staff Writer Melanie Wong can be reached at 748-2928 or mwong@vaildaily.com.

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