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Eagle Valley Wildland partners with Eagle County for expanded wildfire efforts

On June 1, Eagle County entered into an intergovernmental agreement with Eagle River Fire Protection District and Greater Eagle Fire Protection District to provide funding for the 2021 Eagle Valley Wildland cooperative program. The agreement commits $267,912 to support expanded wildfire mitigation and response efforts in Eagle County, with $184,740 of the funds coming from Eagle County, $42,022 from ERFPD, and $41,150 from GEFPD.

The first critical need that will be addressed is the addition of two full-time personnel and equipment to meet 2021 program goals, including:

  • Implement wildfire risk reduction strategies in communities served by EV Wildland, in collaboration with Eagle County’s Wildland Mitigation program
  • Foster partnerships with other communities served by EV Wildland
  • Enhance ongoing community outreach and education efforts that advance the mission of wildfire risk reduction and mitigation
  • Identify and collaborate with Eagle County on grant funding opportunities for wildfire mitigation within Eagle County
  • Provide additional staffing for EV Wildland’s wildfire and mitigation crews

Twenty of Colorado’s largest wildfires have occurred within the last 20 years. Four out of the five largest fires in state history have occurred within the last three years. In 2020, the Grizzly Creek Fire burned over 32,000 acres and directly threatened several communities within Eagle County.

In response to this growing threat from uncontrolled wildfire, in 2020 the GEFPD and ERFPD cooperatively launched the EV Wildland Program. The intent of this joint wildland program is to reduce the overall wildfire risk of the communities it serves through effective mitigation, appropriately‐scaled wildfire suppression, and collaborative community outreach and education. EV Wildland also works cooperatively with other regional fire response agencies to support wildfire mitigation and response efforts throughout Eagle County.

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