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Eagle Valley witnesses to history

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Eagle Valley, CO Colorado

Earlier this month, 24 students and three chaperons from Eagle Valley High School traveled to Washington D.C. to witness the inauguration of President Barack Obama. We asked them to respond to the following question:

“The inauguration of Barack Obama was a historic moment for the entire country. As someone who was actually in Washington D.C., what do you think you will remember the most 50 years from now?”

“The thing I think I’ll always remember will be the main reason we went to Washington, the Inauguration. Sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial (freezing) was the coolest. We were able to see the people arriving and also to see them leave. I thank God for that room under the Lincoln Memorial and for the hand dryers because without them, I would have froze.”

“I’m going to remember sitting at the Lincoln Memorial freezing my butt off! It was the trip of a lifetime and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

“I think the part I will remember the most was at the Inauguration when they said ‘Congratulations Mr. President.’ It was just an amazing moment. There was just a mood that swept through everybody there. It’s something that you can’t really explain to anyone who wasn’t there at that moment.”

“I will remember just the mood of everything. First of all, none of us will ever be in a crowd that big ever again and the mood of everyone was really patriotic and hopeful for the future.”

“I will remember sitting on the Lincoln Memorial and how excited I was when Emily Kingston and those guys brought hot chocolate for everybody. It was freezing.”

“I will probably remember the whole Inauguration day and the Inauguration concert and how cold it was. We met all sorts of people and even through we couldn’t see anything of the Inauguration, we could listen to it and it was pretty cool. We made signs and we got a lot of people’s attention because we were so into it and such a happy crowd.”

“I will remember the excitement of every single person present. Not once on our entire trip did I see anyone openly protesting President Obama, even though I know that there were plenty of people present who did not share his views. Everyone was enthralled.

“Being on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial made it all the more meaningful. Because we could not physically see the President Obama take his oath of office, I believe that his speech was much more powerful. Though it was amazing for people all over the world to witness, being on the mall that day brought on a whole new level of patriotism.

“The headline on the USA Today paper the day before nailed it ” ‘Just the feeling of being there.’ I will remember this day for the rest of my life; I’m so thankful that we were given such an amazing opportunity.”

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