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2013 Eagle County Fair Open Class Results


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Free Dental Screenings

Gypsum dentist Dr. Steve Oakson will offer free back-to-school oral screenings for kids in preschool through eighth grade during August.

“The idea is to try to catch some of these children before major problems affect school work or attendance, “ he said.

The no-charge screenings will be offered at his offices in Gypsum for students from Eagle and Gypsum on Monday, Aug. 12, from 1 to 5 p.m. and Wednesday, Aug. 14, from 8 to 11 a.m. Dr. Oakson will not be providing treatment during the free screenings.

Please call 970-524-1105 to set an appointment time.

Eagle Trails Master Plan

The town of Eagle Open Space Department will host a trails open house Wednesday, Aug. 14, from 4 to 8 p.m.

The town is soliciting input on the Eagle Trails Master Plan consisting of both community open space and U.S. Bureau of Land Management trails.

Participants will be able to view maps of existing trails ad provide comment regarding:

Desired future trails

Desired future trail connections

Improvements to existing trails

Eagle Open Space Coordinator John Staight and consultant Chris Kehmeier with International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) will be hosting the event. For more information, visit http://www.townofeagle.org.

Around Town

The mother of all rummage saes is back. The Eagle Valley Community Fund Rummage sale is planned Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 17-18, and Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 24-25, at Maloit Park south of Minturn. The doors open at 6:45 a.m. on the 17th for the first day of the sale and at 8 a.m. the other three days. The sale runs until 5 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 18, and Saturday, Aug. 25, and shuts down at 3 p.m. on the final day, Aug. 25. Admission is $1 all four days.All sale proceeds go to more than 65 local non-profit organizations.

The second Eagle Vision 20/20 event is planned Wednesday, Aug. 21, beginning at 5:30 p.m. at Eagle Town Hall.

Plan to spend the Labor Day holiday close to home because the Eagle Mushroom Festival is coming back to town Aug. 30, 31 and Sept. 1. For more information about the full slate of activities planned, visit http://www.EagleMushroomWeekend.com.

Porchlight Players Community Theater Company will host auditions next week for the comedy “Drop Dead!” by Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore. Auditions will be held at Alpine Bank in Eagle on Wednesday, Aug. 14 from 5 to 8 p.m. and again on Sunday, Aug. 18 from 3 to 6 p.m. A variety of parts are available for both men and women, all ages welcome. There are also pportunities to participate behind the scenes are also available — set design/construction, wardrobe, props, and stage crew help.


Sandy Story


Sponsored by CSU Extension

Youth 5 – 7 years: Nicholas Hornbostel

Youth 8 – 10: Brandi Cordova

Youth 11 – 13: Jordan McMurty


• Jenevieve McMury

• Chloe Hornbostel

• Sydney Adair

• Drew Dodds

• Dylan Dodds

• Mindy Gordon

• Eva Ratchford

• Leah Ratchford

• Ronan Ratchford

• Tage Terbush


Sponsored by Eagle County Fair & Rodeo

1. Best “Dressed for the Fair” costume: Axel Bair & Elizabeth Rose Croxford

2. Looks Most like Mom/Pop: Julia Rosalie Grisham

3. Best Beach Wear Ensemble: Ziva Levy

4. Best Hair Do: Ashlyn Wood

5.Prettiest Smile: Jackson Moore

6. Most Patriotic: Payton Luark


Flowers, 14 entries

Grand Champion: Tina Russ, Orchid

Grand Champion Youth: Kaden Gass, Pansies

Reserve Grand Champion Youth: Autumn Russ,

Professional Grand Champion: Robin Sifers, Floral arrangement

Professional Reserve Grand Champion: Franklin Sheridan, Floral arrangement


• Tina Ward

• Annie Egan

• Trish Ross

• Rena Horn

• Tina Ward

Potted Plants, 1 entry

Reserve Grand Champion: Lorie Everman, Norway Maple Bonsai


Vegetables & Crops, 29 entries

Grand Champion: Rich McCain, Romaine lettuce

Reserve Grand Champion: Annie Egan/Susie Kincade, Sugar Peas

Reserve Grand Champion: Lorie Everman: Green lettuce


• Sandy Story

• Dee Dee Emmer

• Laure Gongaware

• Anna Gerard

• Emma Stamp, youth


Canned Fruits, 1 participant

Participants: Rick Kangas

Canned Vegetables, 4 exhibits

Grand Champion: Anna Gerard

Reserve Grand Champion: Anna Gerard

Participants: Rick Kangas

Canned Poultry, Meat, & Seafood 1 entry

Grand Champion: Anna Gerard, Pork Green Chilie

General Canned Foods, 1 exhibit

Grand Champion: Randy Braucht

Jellies/Jams/Preserves, 14 exhibits

Grand Champion: Rick Kangas

Reserve Grand Champion: Sarah Murray


• Anna Gerard

• Lorie Everman

• Rena Horn

• Chas Bernhardt

• Chelsea Horn

• Abby Bossow

• Suzie Ross

Pickles & Spiced Products, 14 exhibits

Grand Champion: Rena Horn

Reserve Grand Champion: Anna Gerard


• Rick Kangas

• Lorie Everman

• Shorty Patrick

• Gale Gunion


Breads, 6 exhibits

Grand Champion: Sarah Murray

Reserve Grand Champion: Sarah Braucht


• Mike Lederhouse

• Dee Dee Emmer

Cookies, 7 entries

Grand Champion: Tina Ward

Reserve Grand Champion: Sarah Braucht

Grand Champion Youth: Shyanna Maloney


• Vickie Olson

• Kiah Gonaware

• Faith Reichardt

Cakes, 6 entries

Grand Champion: Rena Horn

Reserve Grand Champion: Vickie Olson

Grand Champion Youth: Bailey Klusack


• Dee Dee Emmer

• Joanne Bolt

• Talya Klusack

Candies, 1 entry


• Vickie Olson

Pies and Other Baked Goods, 2 entries

Grand Champion: Nancy Powell

Reserve Grand Champion: Sarah Braucht

Good For Your Health, 3 Entries

Grand Champion: George Johnson


• Abby Bossow

• Tina Ward


Clothing, 9 exhibits

Grand Champion: Lisa Hammond

Reserve Grand Champion: Joanne Bott

Grand Champion Youth: Camila Pettersen


• Charlotte Gongaware

• Taylor Petrowski

Crochet, 6 Entries

Grand Champion: Amy Moreno

Reserve Grand Champion: Nancy Powell

• Special recognition to Golden Eagle Senior Center Crochet for their collective efforts to help those in time of need with blankets.


•Gale Gunion

Knitting, 6 Entries

Grand Champion: Lorie Everman

Reserve Grand Champion: Lorie Everman

Grand Champion, Professional: Cass Galloway


• Jenny Lorch

• Adie Lengel

• Kristina Weber

Quilts, 10 Entries

Grand Champion: Isi Thompson

Reserve Grand Champion: Chris Ekrem

• Kathy Heicher

• Joanne Bott

• Rena Horn

• Gloria Colin

Needlework, 3 Entries

Grand Champion: Esther Offen


• Rena Horn

Fiber Arts, 9 Entries

Grand Champion: Norma Hurd

Reserve Grand Champion: Annie Breckheimer

Professional Grand Champion: Cass Halloway


• Taylor Petrowski

• Morgan Kromer

• Riley Kromer

• Charlotte Gongaware

• Georgi Johnston

Hobbies & Crafts, 6 Entries

Grand Champion: James Miller

Reserve Grand Champion: James Miller

Grand Champion Youth: Camila Petterson

Reserve Grand Champion Youth: Joseph Emmer


• Cody Ponce

• Ginny Glenn

Recycled Arts, 4 Entries

Reserve Grand Champion: Kathy Heicher

Reserve Grand Champion: Ginny Glenn

Grand Champion Youth 14 – 17: Megan Muehlethaler

Grand Champion Youth 11 – 13: Anna Gongaware

Holiday Section, 2 Entries

Grand Champion: Kathy Heicher

Participant: Joanne Bott

Photography, 166 Entries

Grand Champion: Phyllis Ruder

Reserve Grand Champion: Edie Lengel & Robin Sifers

Professional Grand Champion: Brian Maloney

Professional Reserve Grand Champion: Sarah Glass

Grand Champion Youth (8 – 10): Kelby Kaufman

Reserve Grand Champion Youth (8 – 10): Kelby Kaufman

Grand Champion Youth (11 – 13): Isabella Richie

Reserve Grand Champion Youth (11 – 13): Addison Smith & Randi Ponce

Grand Campion Youth (14 – 17): Jessie Ward

Grand Champion Youth (14 – 17): Franklin Reilly & Haylie Lengel


• Rena Horn

• Amy Moreno

• Opel Wolfgang

• Matt Kroschel

• Sally Kaufman

• Tina Ward

• Anna Gerard

• Gale Gunion

• Jennifer Miller

• Joanne Bott

• Brad Hollandsworth

• Pat Hollandsworth

• Cass Galloway

• Robin Sifers

• Ben Muehlethaler

• Jon Lengel

• Tina Russ

Youth Photography Participants:

• Autumn Russ

• Ella Dose

• Claire Taagen

• Jessica Richie

Art, 12 Entries

Grand Champion: Shari Lock

Reserve Grand Champion: Sarah Fasi

Grand Champion Youth (8 – 10): Emma Stamp

Grand Champion Youth (11 – 13): Georgia Tarus

Grand Champion Youth (11 – 13): Adie Lengel

Grand Champion Youth (14 – 17): Natasha Reichardt

Grand Champion Youth (14 – 17): Natasha Reichardt

Professional Grand Champion: Sarah Glass

Professional Grand Champion: Vari Reichardt

Children’s Arts & Crafts (Children ages 7 and under), 8 Entries


• Maddie Grace Fetleiolf, participant ribbon

• Kira Hower, participant ribbon

• Kylie Hower, participant ribbon

• Matthew Klusack, participant ribbon

• Liam Loff, participant ribbon

• Teegan Terbush, participant ribbon

• Tage Terbush, participant ribbon

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