2014 Eagle County Fair Open Class Results

Gracen Kennedy of Eagle flies off her ride during the Muttton Bustin' competition at the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo Saturday night. Gracen's performance earned her a first place trophy.
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Alexandria Eichler


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Youth 3 – 4 years: Cayden Carthy

Youth 5 – 7 years: Tage Terbush

Youth 8 – 10: Veronyka Wheeler

Youth 11 – 13: Sophie Wells

Youth 14 – 17 years: Ethan Daubs


Teegan Terbush

Kira Hower

Tiffany Daubs

Ancel Wheeler

Jordyn Evancho

Sadie & Max Hoiland

Katherine Wheeler


Sponsored by Eagle County Fair & Rodeo

1. Best “Dressed for the Fair” costume: Halo Rose Jaramillo

2. Looks Most like Mom/Pop: Ziva Levy

3. Best Beach Wear Ensemble: Omie Shepard

4. Best Hair Do: William Hake

5. Prettiest Smile: Elizabeth Ruth Thompson

6. Most Patriotic: Maddox Winkller


Sebastian Metzer

Lindsey Simmonds

Nicole Herrle

Juan Marco Aguilar

Melanie Aomie

Joziah Kreutzer

Promise Rose Thompson

Mia Whirley

Kauya Whirley

Breckin Hall

High Altitude Artisan Bread Bake-Off

Sponsored by Red Canyon Café, 5 Exhibits

1st: Kim Blanchard, Oatmeal Wheat Bread

2nd: Valerie Moskaluk, Sour Cream Biscuits


Sarah Braucht

Maggie Emmer

Karen Wood


Division 100 Flowers, 20 exhibits

Grand Champion: Jackie Schlegal, Columbine

Reserve Grand Champion: Rena Horn, Red Yarrow

Reserve Grand Champion: Josh Stowell, Giallardia

Division 200 Potted Plants, 4 exhibits

Grand Champion: Rena Horn, Unusual Planter

Reserve Grand Champion: Sandy Story, Succulent

Grand Champion Youth, 11 – 13: Luke Stephens


Division 300 Vegetables & Crops, 16 exhibits

Grand Champion: Annie Egan, Jalapeño Peppers

Reserve Grand Champion: Suzie Ross, Rosemary


Division 400 Canned Fruits, 5 Exhibits

Grand Champion: Anna Gerard, Pineapple

Reserve Grand Champion: Anna Gerard, Grapefruit

Division 500 Canned Vegetables, 6 exhibits

Grand Champion: Anna Gerard, Tomatoes

Reserve Grand Champion: Anna Gerard, Mixed Vegetables

Division 550 Canned Poultry, Meat, & Seafood, 1 entry

Grand Champion: Anna Gerard, Pork Green Chili

Division 600 General Canned Foods, 1 entry

Grand Champion: Dee Dee Emmer, Honey

Division 650 Homebrewed Wine and Beers, 7 exhibits,

Sponsored by Bonfire Brewery

Grand Champion: Daryn Arnold, Beer

Reserve Grand Champion: Perry La Bere, Red IPA

Division 700 Jellies/Jams/Preserves, 14 exhibits

Grand Champion: Sarah Murray, Apricot Jam

Reserve Grand Champion: Rena Horn, Peach Jam

Division 800 Pickles & Spiced Products, 7 exhibits

Grand Champion: Anna Gerard, Dill Pickles

Reserve Grand Champion: Spaghetti Sauce


Division 1000 Breads, 3 exhibits

Grand Champion: Tina Russ, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Grand Champion: Janessa Peterman, Banana Bread

Division 1100 Cookies, 11 entries

Grand Champion: Susan Adams, Soft Molasses

Reserve Grand Champion: Susan Adams, Honey Pecan Triangles

Division 1200 Cakes, 4 Exhibits

Grand Champion: Kim Olson, Chocolate Zucchini

Reserve Grand Champion: Katie Davis, Decorated Western Cake

Grand Champion Youth: Venzor Xochit & Jerciy Calona

Division 1500 Good For Your Health, 3 Entries

Grand Champion: I Want to be Healthy, Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies

Reserve Grand Champion: Georgi Johnston, Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin


Division 1700 Crochet, 11 Exhibits

Special recognition to Golden Eagle Senior Center Crochet for their collective efforts to help those in time of need with blankets.

Division 1800 Knitting, 6 Exhibits

Grand Champion: Amy Moreno, Socks

Grand Champion Professional: Cass Galloway, Alpaca Sweater

Reserve Grand Champion Professional: Cass Galloway, Circular Scarf

Division 1900 Quilts, 17 Exhibits

Grand Champion: Jackie Marchetti, Sheep Quilt

Reserve Grand Champion: Rena Horn, Warm Love Quilt

Grand Champion Professional, Lynn Kerr, Fracture

Reserve Grand Champion Professional, Lynn Kerr, 1776

Division 2100 Fiber Arts, 9 Entries

Grand Champion: Rena Horn, Forest Friends

Reserve Grand Champion: Rena Horn, Pin Cushion Clamp

Professional Grand Champion: Cass Galloway, Alpaca Silk Scarf

Professional Reserve Grand Champion: Cass Galloway, Woven Pillow

Division 2200 Hobbies & Crafts, 13 Entries

Grand Champion: Jim Miller, Bow

Grand Champion: Juan Pena, Macramé Rosary

Reserve Grand Champion: Rosie Burki, Humming Bird & Flower Boxes

Reserve Grand Champion Juan Pena, Macramé Rosary

Reserve Grand Champion Youth, 8 – 10 years: Emma Stamp, Minions Plate

Division 2300 Recycled Arts, 20 Entries

Grand Champion: Rosie Burki, Painted wine bottle & glasses

Reserve Grand Champion: Ellen Matlock, Denim Quilt

Grand Champion Youth 11 – 13: Rachel McCurdy & Caitlyn Weathers, Ladybug Hotel

Grand Champion Youth 8 – 10: Evy Zaruba, Fairy Garden

Division 2300 Recycled Arts, Recycled Cowboy Boots, 6 Entries

“Lil Buckaroo”: Annie Colby

Western Heritage: Ella Wells

Tough Enough to Wear Pink: Edith Lederhouse

Tough Enough to Wear Pink: Ages 8 – 10: Maddie Fetterolf

Tough Enough to Wear Pink: Ages 11 – 13: Emily Daubs

Patriotic: Edith Lederhouse

Division 2400 Holiday Section, 3 Entries

Grand Champion: Gale Gunion, Crochet Angel

Reserve Grand Champion: Rena Horn, Vintage Apron

Division 2500 Photography, 274 Entries

Grand Champion: Anna Gerard, “Little Rocky”

Reserve Grand Champion: Jessie Pettis

Reserve Grand Champion: Traci Schlegal

Professional Grand Champion: Brian Maloney, “Girl with Yellow Flower”

Professional Reserve Grand Champion: Sarah Glass

Professional Reserve Grand Champion: Steve Taylor

Grand Champion Youth (8 – 10): Cody Ponce

Reserve Grand Champion Youth (8 – 10): Brody Nielsen

Grand Champion Youth (11 – 13): Randi Ponce, “Baby Duck”

Reserve Grand Champion Youth (11 – 13): Autumn Russ

Grand Campion Youth (14 – 17): Morgan Kromer, “Horse Eye”

Grand Champion Youth (14 – 17): Morgan Kromer

Division 2600 Art, 34 Exhibits

Grand Champion: Sarah Fasi

Reserve Grand Champion: Nathan Vasquez, Apocalyptic Scene

Reserve Grand Champion: Rosie Marie Burki, Blue Titbird

Grand Champion Youth (8 – 10): Maddie Fetterolf, Cowboys

Professional Grand Champion: Sarah Glass, Moose Drawing

Division 2800 Children’s Arts & Crafts (Children ages 7 and under), 26 Exhibits


Cassandra Boggs

Alexandria Eichler

Camron Horn

Kylie Hower

Sebastian Metzger

Tage Terbush

Teegan Terbush

Gypsum Christian Preschool

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