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A little plop of cow poo is worth a cool $1,000

Land deeds (bingo squares) are on sale now

Spectators await the fateful plop during the Eagle Valley Land Trust Cow Pattie Bingo fundraiser. The event will return during the Eagle County Fair & Rodeo and land deeds for the event are available on line.
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Eagle Valley Land Trust Cow Pattie/Bah Bah Bingo Land Deeds
  • Single Square — $25
  • Horse Stall (2 squares) — $50
  • Prairie Coal (3 squares) — $75
  • Barnyard Party Pack (5 squares) — $100
  • Ranchette (11 deeds for the price of 8) — $200
  • Ranching Empire (28 deeds for the price of 20) — $500
  • Conservationist Supreme (40 deeds) — $1,000

EAGLE — Next month, the bovine stars of the Eagle Valley Land Trust’s annual Cow Pattie Bingo event will be well nourished, well groomed and ready to do their part for the future of local land preservation.

We aren’t just talking fertilizer here.

Some of the finest cows and sheep raised in Eagle County will be raising money by making special deposits in a very public arena on Saturday, July 27. Right before they head over to the Junior Livestock Sale during the Eagle County Fair & Rodeo, 4-H kids will parade their Grand and Reserve Grand Champion steers and sheep around a giant bingo board. Members of the public are invited to purchase a land deed for the various squares on the board and if the animal poops on your little piece of county real estate, then you take home a prize.

“This is one of our very favorite outreach events,” said Bergen Tjossem, communications and development manager for the Eagle Valley Land Trust. “So much of what the land trust does is so serious and this is so fun.”

It’s also popular. The grand prize for Cow Pattie Bingo is $1,000 but a number of prizes will be awarded. According to Tjossem, it’s actually a fun spectator event waiting for a cow or sheep to poo.

“You never really know how long it will take so we break it into rounds,” he said.

Competition, if you can call it that, is divided into species with cows roaming the bingo area with other cows and sheep sharing the site with other sheep.

“It seems like as the animals get smaller, they poop more frequently,” Tjossem said.

The land trust isn’t the only beneficiary of the poopy party. The local 4-H program takes home 10 percent of the event proceeds.

Cow Pattie and Bah Bah Bingo are slated from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, July 27, and land deeds are on sale now. To learn more or to make a purchase, call 970-748-7654 or visit evlt.org/poop/

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