Agile Orthopedics now serving Eagle County |

Agile Orthopedics now serving Eagle County

Agile Orthopedics, a comprehensive mobile prosthetic and orthotic service, is now offering care in Eagle and Summit counties.

Agile’s mobile clinic fleet provides prosthetic and orthotic treatments for patients in their homes, skilled nursing facilities, therapy appointments or wherever is most comfortable.

Agile’s “service-on-the-go” approach can keep high-risk patients from COVID-19 exposure in typical healthcare settings. The six custom-designed mobile clinics are equipped with cutting-edge technology including 3D scanning and iPad-based patient management systems to support on-site care. Amputee patients, specifically, experience a lower risk of falls and subsequent injuries when they aren’t required to navigate transportation to traditional appointments.

“Our mobile care model meets the growing demand for patient choice. It’s not only convenient to treat people directly in their homes, but it’s much safer as we continue to battle the coronavirus pandemic,” Eric Neufeld, founder and CEO of Agile Orthopedics, said. “Agile’s truly patient-centric model shows health care is evolving, and we’re proud to be one of the first to remove barriers preventing Colorado’s mobility-impaired patients from receiving the highest quality care possible.”

Neufeld founded the company to reverse the high no-show rate for prosthetic and orthotic appointments and to offer an elevated level of care.

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Since many orthopedic and prosthetic patients face physical limitations or lack access to resources including transportation, Agile’s mobile model has helped the company achieve a less than 1% no-show rate.

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