Appalled by Florida trip |

Appalled by Florida trip

Not too many have the time and patience to thoroughly read town records, so I would like to help.

I don’t feel bad putting this private conversation and information out there, as it was made public by the town.

As most now know, our mayor, a town trustee and a local real estate agent were flown to the Ocala, Fla. home of Haymeadow developer Alan Cohen, doing business as Abrika. The trip was to discuss the future of the Eagle project and Abrika’s commitment to the project and associated promises to the town, especially major infrastructure, i.e. new water treatment plant in town.

Evidently these Eagle representatives wanted to assure Abrika that they still want Haymeadow to go forward, as apparently Mr. Cohen had concerns about how the town perceived the abrupt departure of Ric Newman, who was replaced by Scott Schlosser, a local real estate agent and associate of the traveling town trustee, Doug Seabury.

There have been procedural questions raised as to how this trip was planned and carried out, in regard to Sunshine Laws in our state. I think the communication from Mr. Cohen’s representative raises far more questions about how Mr. Cohen “did business” with our town representatives.

“Make yourselves comfortable. There is Dish TV, snacks and beverages for you to enjoy…There is a Polaris ranger and 4-wheelers for you to use. They will be parked at the barn for you. When you guys are up and ready to go in the morning, give me a call. I will meet you to take you up to the Training Center to watch the horses. Breakfast will also be available at the track. The horse will start out around 8 a.m. for sets.”

If he is really intending to carry Haymeadow forward, why didn’t Mr. Cohen get on a plane and come here?

I am appalled at this one peek into that multi-day “business trip” along with first class flight back to Denver. And the Eagle tax payers are now picking up the tab.

You decide,

Rosie Shearwood

Brush Creek

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