Are Coloradans ready to share a ride to the slopes? |

Are Coloradans ready to share a ride to the slopes?

Three new carpooling apps, enabled by recent legislation, work to reduce winter congestion between Denver and I-70 ski resorts

Jason Blevins
The Colorado Sun
Traffic comes to a standstill on Interstate 70 west after it closed at the tunnel due to multiple accidents March 4, 2021.
Liz Copan/Summit Daily archive

Their stories are the same.

Halfway through a four-hour crawl to the slopes, they glanced around at the bumper-to-bumper traffic on Interstate 70.

“I felt so dumb being on I-70, driving myself in my car and looking over at other drivers who are alone or with empty seats,” Erwin Germain said.

“All of the cars had one person. We thought, ‘This is nuts,’” said Lizzie Templeton, who in the next couple of weeks will launch a new carpooling app to help put more skiers in fewer cars.

Germain also is launching a new app and so is another company. The three new carpooling apps are the latest attempt to ease the winter weekend traffic clogging the mountain corridor that connects the Front Range to the ski hills.

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“It just seems the most practical, feasible thing to do, right?” said Templeton, whose decision to create her Caravan carpooling app last year was solidified when she saw five people, all in their own cars, driving from her Denver apartment complex to go skiing on a Saturday morning.

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