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Avon raises Ukrainian flag in town core

The decision was made to show solidarity with Ukraine, denounce Russia’s invasion

The Ukraine flag will fly below the Avon flag in the town core from March 22 to April 22.
Town of Avon/Courtesy Photo

On Tuesday, Avon rose a Ukraine flag in one of its roundabouts, a decision meant to show its support for Ukraine amid the Russian invasion of the country.

The flag will be flown for one month until April 22.

The town of Avon said in a press release that the town is “standing with Ukraine and denouncing the unjustified and unprovoked invasion of a sovereign country.”

The decision to fly the flag was raised at the March 8 Town Council meeting, when Mayor Sarah Smith Hymes said she had heard the idea from multiple residents. At the meeting, Smith Hymes directed town staff to raise a Ukrainian flag below the town of Avon flag on Avon Road.

The decision mirrors a similar move by the town of Vail, which recently replaced the Russian flag on Vail’s frontage road with a Ukraine flag.

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