Back to the Future |

Back to the Future

Pam Boyd

This is the last issue of the Free Enterprise.

I have to be honest — it made me very sad to write that sentence. When we launched the Free Enterprise 18 months ago, we envisioned a free weekly newspaper targeted for residents of the Eagle and Gypsum areas that included local news, information about upcoming events and snippets about what was happening in the Glenwood Springs area. We conducted surveys to find out what people wanted to see and then set out to meet that need.

A year-and-a-half later we have learned that people really prefer getting their news in the Vail Daily. What’s more, that is where advertisers preferred to spend their money. It’s hard to argue that, considering how our sister newspaper has one of the highest readership rates in the nation. So now it is time to regroup and again to attempt to give readers what they say they want.

The Eagle Valley Enterprise, the oldest business in Eagle County (established in 1898) will continue publication as the county’s legal newspaper. It will zero in on Eagle and Gypsum events and people and include the popular “Time Machine” column.

The Daily will expand its downvalley coverage with the former Free Enterprise staff functioning as a bureau. We will provide more timely reporting of community news in addition to features about events and people in western Eagle County.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Free Enterprise for the past 18 months. We enjoyed meeting our neighbors as we delivered the paper to homes and we valued the feedback you gave us about how to improve our efforts. We will take those suggestions to heart as we move forward with our new plan.

It really is a back to the future moment for the Eagle Valley Enterprise, but if there is one thing we have learned during our 117-year history it is that to survive, this paper has had to adapt. That’s what we are doing. Thanks for reading.

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