Bronze mountain lion to stalk Gypsum roundabout |

Bronze mountain lion to stalk Gypsum roundabout

Gypsum resident Brooks Wallace provided this rendering of a mountain lion sculpture he proposed for the Valley Road/Cooley Mesa Road roundabout.
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Mountain lion sightings in Gypsum generate a lot of talk — a precedent that’s likely to continue even if the cat in question is inanimate.

This week, Gypsum resident Brooks Wallace proposed bringing in a large bronze mountain lion sculpture to decorate the intersection of Valley and Cooley Mesa roads.

“A couple of months ago I had this crazy idea of putting a sculpture at that roundabout,” Wallace said. “I think it would be a great addition to the town, to give Gypsum a step up and some culture.”

Spurring his notion, Wallace said his father had previously conducted business with renowned sculptor Kent Ullberg. Ullberg’s work includes a number of North American animal figures.

After studying the options, Wallace found a piece featuring a mountain lion that has an existing oversize mold. That means Ullberg could simply cast the piece, so the artist could provide the sculpture at a more reasonable price. As for that cost, Wallace is willing to foot the bill.

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“I thought about doing it by myself, but then I thought it would be better to reach out to the community for fundraising,” he said. “I might want to reach out to some people to see if they want to kick in some money.”

Gypsum’s part of the project would include installing the piece and providing the sculpture pedestal. Those costs would total around $7,000.

After brief discussion Tuesday night, members of the Gypsum Town Council agreed the sculpture would be a welcome addition. They voted unanimously to bring the artwork to town and to cover the installation costs.


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