Bust it up

Cindy Ramunno

Like pro football, NASCAR and home run contests, demolition derby speaks to the American soul.

Demolition derbies are as American as county fairs and hot dogs and after taking a year off, the local demolition derby is back this Friday with a show promoters promised will be the best yet.

Male or female, derby daredevils in their junkyard jalopies have one goal: cream the competition. The rewards are worth that competitive attitude. For men, first place earns $2,000; second nets $1,500, third wins $1,000; and the best theme car nabs $500. For the Powder Puff division (women’s class), first place gets $1,000; second is $750 and third is $500. It’s no holds barred in the bid to be the last one moving.

“This is my fourth year,” said event organizer Sherry Dykstra. “Each year it sells out, and we try to make this an event for the whole family to enjoy.”

This Friday, August 15, the action gets started at the Eagle County Fairgrounds with the gates opening at 5 p.m. Adult tickets are $20, kids ages 6-17 are $15, and kids 5 and under are free. Buckaroo Productions runs the event, and all the details can be found at

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The Eagle Valley High School Dance Team performs at the event, and also sells tickets and parks cars.

“It’s the greatest event ever to attend and perform at,” says dance team captain Sarah Cooper. “This is the best event all year.”

For information about demolition derby building specs, visit


All competitors must pre enter for the event. Day of event entries will not be accepted. There will be one main event for each class and a limit of 12 cars per class. Entry fees are $100 for compact, limited weld, fully weld and truck classes. The entry fee for the powder puff class is $50.

Other general rules are:

Registration and release forms must be completed prior to inspection. Entry must be paid prior to inspection.

If car fails inspection you may be allowed to make corrections. If you can’t complete corrections or decline to make corrections, your car will be disqualified.

Entry fees are non-refundable.

If you want a particular number you need to request the number in your pre-registration packet.

Car numbers are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Drivers must be at least 18 years old.

Only one support vehicle per registered car. Entry fees will include one driver pass and one pit pass and will be given both at gate day of race regardless of how many cars and/or classes you are entered in.

No alcohol allowed in pits.

Attenance at the drivers meeting is mandatory.

Compact cars will race under limited weld rules with the following additions: Only 4- and 6-cylinder engines are allowed, wheel base is not to exceed 107 inches, four-wheel drive vehicles will be allowed as long as one drive line is disconnected.

Cars must be removed from the Eagle County Fairgrounds immediately following the derby — No Exceptions.

A driver’s safety belt and safety helmet must be worn.

Long sleeve shirts and long pants must be worn.

Fire suits and goggles recommended.

No passengers allowed.

All cars and trucks that come equipped with airbags must have airbags removed.

If you go out of the boundaries set for the arena during your class, you will be black-flagged.

If you hit on the driver’s side door, you will be black flagged and disqualified

Drivers must make a hit every 90 seconds and hit must be aggressive. Patty-cake hits or sandbagging are grounds for disqualification. Judges will be watching closely.

If you become stalled you have 90 seconds to get restarted and one minute to make a hit.

If last two cars in the main event become stuck together for a 2-minute period the heat will be stopped and they will be pulled apart and heat will then continue. If a single hit, the last one to make a hit will be declared the winner.

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