Camp Vail calls all kids |

Camp Vail calls all kids

Camp Vail is a unique experience where children ages 5 to 12 get to explore the mountain while still experiencing quintessential summer camp. Campers fill their days with jumpy castles, waterfall hikes, lake days, and lunch at the park. Kids from around the globe and up and down the valley all come to camp.

Camper Xime is a prime example. She is a 10-year-old from Mexico and has been coming to Vail for a few years now. “Summer is my favorite season,” she said, “because I get to see all of my friends at camp.”

Charlie, a local camper, burrows in the pirate ship hideout with her new friend.
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Counselor Taevon Manivong plays with his campers at the Red Sandstone Elementary Park. Manivong is a Boulder native, but has spent the past year in Vail. First a snowboard instructor and now a camp counselor, Manivong is always outside.
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According to the Vail Recreation District, the camper to counselor ratio averages to 12 to 1 at Camp Vail. “This gives kids the freedom to play while still being safe,” said Manivong, “plus its really fun to get to know the kids you spend every day with.”
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Elena, Julia, and Beau sit together with smiles as they enjoy lunch. The three campers are 5 years old and seem inseparable.
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“I am the fastest one here,” Beau said while racing to the finish line during his race against Julia.
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Sydney and Florencia are girls from Texas who met at Camp Vail. Sydney has been coming to camp for a few years but Florencia is a first-timer. Their favorite part of camp is each other.
Xime and Matilde, Camp Vail veterans, have been coming to camp for many years. These girls are sisters all the way from Mexico, but love the valley. They are spending two months this year in Vail. “I love to swim, go to theme parks, and crafts!” Xime said.
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Camp Vail has tons of activities for kids. They get to pick their program everyday.
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