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Community Spotlight

Holli Snyder

Name: Holli Snyder

Job: General Manager – Ski Country & Lift FM

Lives in: Eagle

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In high school I was … Involved in every activity possible, and then some. Some people never change.

I f I were a T-shirt, I would be (fabric, color, any print?)…A “Life is Good” t-shirt.

What’s the best thing about your town? That’s a hard one because there are so many wonderful things — the sense of community, our amazing surroundings, the fact that my kids can ride their bikes or walk to school, practice, the library and more.

The best thing about my job is … Helping local businesses and groups reach their goals and succeed.

As a kid, I always… Spent my summers in 4-H showing horses and sewing.

If I could be any superhero, I’d be … Superwoman, because I want to fly!

If I was given a million dollars, the first thing I’d buy is … A college education for my kids (and nieces and nephews if I could swing it.)

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