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Community Spotlight

Jeffrey Cash

Name: Jeffrey Cash

Job: Host of the KSKE Ski Country Morning show on 101.7FM and emcee of only the best events in the high country.

Lives in: Your radio and smartphone.

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In high school I was: Trying to figure it all out, and make good choices. I had some great friends and have great memories of my experiences playing football at Boulder High School.

If I were a T-Shirt, I would be: Comfort and functionality are a must, versatility is key as well. Something that works well on the firing range, but looks good on the dance floor.

The best thing about my town is: I think the best thing about all of the towns in our Ski Country communities are the great people who live in them. We have some of the most talented, unique, amazing people in our funky little mountain towns. When I tell people that I live in Eagle County they say: “Wow, you’re so lucky!” This place is not by invitation only, but it’s not an easy place to live in either. That is why our residents are unique, because we really want to live here. Many of us have recently noticed the dramatic difference in the cost of health insurance between our communities and the Front Range, in addition to every other factor: gas, groceries, rent / mortgages. It’s an effort to be here. We have a fun collection of neighbors from all corners of the globe because there is one heck of a draw to the Rocky Mountains.

The best thing about my job is: The opportunity so many people give me every day to be a part of their morning. It is a privilege that I do not take lightly, and I am thrilled that I have an opportunity to try and put a smile on your face. The community of listeners who call in to the radio show, and interact with us on Facebook and Twitter, all the people I have the privilege to be with are the best thing about my job.

As a kid I always … Loved riding my bike, swimming, skiing, Little League, GI Joe, A-Team, Disney orld, 4th of July parades, playing any kind of sport, PB and J sandwiches, cheeseburgers, and spending time with my family.

If I could be any superhero, I’d be … I am a big fan of superheros and I actually had the pleasure of meeting a couple of them at St Jude children’s research hospital last January. I drive past some of them on my way to work: Colorado State Patrol officers, like Troopers Hofacker and Gosnell, local police like officer Briggs, our outstanding fire protection districts / agencies & Paramedics. The superheroes who serve in our armed forces have my greatest respect as well as their families who endure months on end with the stress and uncertainty of each deployment.

The first thing I would buy if given a million dollars: A lotto ticket – my luck would be on an all time high if someone just gave me a million dollars, you would have to let it ride. You should probably watch your back too; nobody just gives a million dollars away to strangers expect Saudi oil sheeks at the Spearmint Rhino.

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