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Community Spotlight

Master Deputy Bob Silva

Name: Bob Silva Jr.

Job: Master Deputy, road patrol Eagle County Sheriff’s Office

Lives in: Eagle

In high school I was … A lot like I am now, friends with most and a protector by nature. My freshman year I was kicked off the school bus for breaking up a fight between another boy and a girl.

If I was a T-shirt, I would be (fabric, color, any print?) … A cotton, olive drab, tattered T-shirt with a black U.S. flag.

What’s the best thing about your town? There are so many things I feel are the best about Eagle and Gypsum, I consider both of them my town. The first thing is the people. I love living in a place where people open the door for you, say hello, and are polite. I love our location, hours to the city, and minutes from some of the most beautiful places on earth and simply looking out to see the mountains during the day (especially at sunrise and sunset) and the stars at night. I also enjoy our four distinct seasons, warm and sunny summers, cool and colorful falls, snowy winters and beautiful springs.

The best thing about my job is… Every day is different, I’m not stuck in an office and get to see and do some really cool stuff.

As a kid, I always… Looked up, and I still do! My first true love is aviation so I am always looking to the sky to see airplanes, helicopters, and anything that flies.

If I could be any superhero, I’d be … Batman, you know the black body armor, and cool tool belt.

If I was given a million dollars, the first thing I’d buy is … A bright yellow, Chevrolet Camaro.

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