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Community Spotlight

Name: Rachel (Overlease) Gerlach

Job: President Commercial Loan Operations for Alpine Bank

Lives in: Eagle (for over 34 years)

In high school I was … mainly interested in excelling in my academic pursuits. But I also found time for volleyball, basketball and 4-H.

If I was a t-shirt, I would be (fabric, color, any print?)…100 percent cotton and probably any shade of blue. What’s the best thing about your town? For me, one of the best things about Eagle is our location. We live in such a beautiful valley with extraordinary vistas and lots of wildlife. I just love looking out across the green fields and up to the snowcapped mountains. It is something that will never grow old and I will never take for granted.

The best thing about my job is … the people I work with. Whether it’s other employees at Alpine Bank or our customers, I am surrounded by an amazing group of individuals.

As a kid, I always … loved horses and loved to read. I would spend my summers riding my horse, Ella, and practicing for riding competitions.

If I could be any superhero, I would be … Wonder Woman a.k.a. Diana Prince. My dad always called me “Amazon Woman” because I was tall and strong and correspondingly, Wonder Woman is a warrior princess from the Amazon. Plus she has a cute outfit (a girl’s gotta look nice) and a fun arsenal of weapons, the Lasso of Truth, indestructible bracelets, and her tiara. If I was given a million dollars, the first thing I’d buy is … probably 35 acres of land and build a nice sized home.

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