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Community Spotlight

Mary Witt
Michael Rawlngs |

Name: Mary Witt

Job: Owner/physical therapist at Competitive Edge Physical Therapy and Fitness

Lives in: The Terrace in Eagle

In high school I was … Smart, things change, huh. I was a cheerleader, played volleyball and ran track.

If I was a T-shirt I would be …. R egular cotton, but bright pink with sparkles, cuz that’s me, all pink.

T he best thing about my town is … Everybody knows everybody. We have the best neighbors, we all help each other, borrow things and kids play together. I can walk around without my prosthesis and nobody is bothered. I’m just another person, talking too much at the grocery store (my boys love that.)

The best thing about my job is … I get to make people feel better.

As a kid, I always … Beat the boys.

If I could be any superhero, I’d be … The bionic woman — it could happen.

If I was given a million dollars … I’d buy my dad a truck and I’d pay off my house, and then buy a couple of acres somewhere and have a huge garden.

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