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Community Spotlight

Diane Dike

Name: Dr. Diane Dike

Job: President/Director of the Second Chance with Saving Grace and the Cryoglobulinemia Vasculitis Organization (volunteer). I coordinate with volunteers all over the world to help hurting people and animals. Also, Host of the global radio program that brings hope and help: The Dr. Diane Dike Show and a certified Foster/Adoption Mom.

Lives in: Eagle

In high school I was … A Junior olympic and state qualifying swimmer. As a teen, I was highly involved, innovative, active and athletic.

If I was a T-shirt, I would be … Soft, fun and encouraging.

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What’s the best thing about your town? Eagle is a great town and fun for our family to ride bikes and enjoy sports together.

The best thing about my job is… The best part of my volunteer job is helping people, children and animals who feel sad, lost, scared and alone. In the radio program, I enjoy helping businesses, as well as individuals get the word out about newsworthy services, products and faith filled testimonies. As a foster mom I’m thankful to offer a safe place for children to heal during some of the worst days of their lives.

As a kid, I always… As a child I always desired to helped others.

If I could be any superhero, I’d be… If I could be a superhero it would be Superwoman because I have huge hopes and dreams and need super big powers to accomplish everything.

If I was given a million dollars, the first thing I’d buy is … The first thing I’d do is buy a place to build a retreat center, Second Chance Group Home for children, and Second Chance Animal Sanctuary to rescue abandoned or abused animals to be rehabilitated into pets or service animals. The most important thing to me is bringing God glory with my life and helping as many people as I can before I’m called home.

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