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Community Spotlight

Carrie Van Beek

Name: Carrie Van Beek

Job: Chief Deputy Public Trustee

Lives in: Eagle

In high school I was … Extremely shy. But despite my shyness I was a member of the Eagle Valley Devils Dance Team and also performed with the EVHS Concert and Select Choir. I performed vocally and as a pianist at many solo and ensemble competitions throughout Colorado and was the first recipient of the Sweet Adeline’s music scholarship in 1987.

If I was a T-shirt, I would be (fabric, color, any print?)… Cotton/polyester blend for definite comfort. Probably gray and something I have had since college that still fits and is so soft and comfortable. If I had a logo I would take it from one of my nephew’s “Hicktown Couture” shirts “Keep Calm and Put Your Boots On” because I think that people need to be a little less stressed and rushed and a good pair of boots always makes a girl feel better.

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What’s the best thing about your town? Large enough to have great amenities like a movie theatre, bowling alley and great restaurants, but small enough to still have a real sense of community.

The best thing about my job is… The constant challenge of remaining up to date and in compliance with legislative and statutory changes that impact the internal and external customers I serve.

As a kid, I always…Wanted to be like my amazing sister Lisa Isom, who was and is so athletically blessed, but is also one of the most compassionate people I know. She never judges, just accepts people for who they are.

If I could be any superhero, I’d be…Wonder Woman, because I would have superhuman strength and be a skilled fighter. I would not be easily deceived, and would have many loyal friends who help me get where I am. Also, the outfit is amazing!

If I was given a million dollars, the first thing I’d buy is… A villa on the southern coast of Spain.

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