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Community Spotlight

Name: Kara Bettis

Job: Eagle County Coroner

Lives in: Eagle

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In high school I was … Very athletic. I played basketball and swam on the swim team.

If I was a T-shirt I would be … A cotton blend, V- neck with a tighter designer fit to it.

The best thing about Eagle is… The community and, of course, the awesome mountain bike trails in our back yard.

The best thing about being Coroner is … Helping families through the most terrible time of their lives — helping them understand how and why their loved one passed away.

As a kid I always … Loved to play hide and seek. I was always outside in the summer playing with my friends or swimming at the local pool.

If I could be any super hero, I would be … Wonder Woman. An invisible jet – we all need one of those!

If I was given a million dollars the first thing I’d buy is … I would max out my children’s 529 college savings account.

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