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County Cops

Frustrated by fireworks

A 57-year-old woman, living in unincorporated Eagle County near Edwards, called dispatch to advise them that fireworks had been going off for 20 minutes.

She stated that the fireworks woke her from a deep sleep and initially scared her. But her fear turned into frustration due to the constant noise.

When the deputy arrived, the fireworks were just ending. The deputy walked towards the smoke and sound, and heard people running through the trees and bushes. He could see two people running east.

The used fireworks were collected as evidence, and the deputy canvassed the area. He noticed a party going on inside a nearby house. Two men, coming from where the fireworks were shot, were walking toward the house. As the deputy approached them, one of them took off running. The deputy pursued the man, but lost him.

After requesting backup, the deputy continued to canvass the area. As the deputy approached the house, he heard the second man on his cell phone say, “I can’t see you. Just stay where you’re at and we’ll come find you. I don’t know the street names over there.” The deputy approached the man and he denied making the statement and denied that anyone was with him as he walked towards the house. Once the deputy was able to secure the suspect in his police vehicle, he began canvassing the area for the first man. He found him and the man said he ran because he thought there was a warrant out for him. When the deputy ran his identity through dispatch, there was no warrant.

The man mentioned that he was just coming from a nearby restaurant to see some friends, but that he wouldn’t say their names because he didn’t want them to be in trouble. He mentioned that they had fireworks and he wanted to see them ignited.

Both men were issued citations for disorderly conduct.

Sugar in a gas tank

A 29-year-old Gypsum woman took her car to a service station in Glenwood Springs and the service manager found that it would cost $1,500 for repairs after he found sugar in the gas tank.

The woman stated that the only access to the gas tank is to open it from inside the vehicle. She said that the only place she doesn’t lock her vehicle is at work and at home, and she doesn’t think any of her co-workers were responsible for the sabotaged.

She told the deputy she wanted to document the damage, and that as soon as her car is fixed, she’s moving to New York.

Ill-advised racing

A deputy noticed two cars racing eastbound on Highway 6. The road was slick and fresh snow was falling.

The deputy pursued the racers and was able to see that both vehicles were traveling well over the 45 mph speed limit. Once he had both vehicles stopped, the deputy discovered that one of the drivers, a 40-year-old woman, was driving with a revoked license. She was taken into custody and transported to the Eagle County Jail.

Vandals in Minturn

A deputy was dispatched to a vandalism call in Minturn. A man showed the deputy the damage to a light fixture on the corner of a warehouse that he owned.

Around the fixture, which was above reach from the ground, were dirt stained dents in the siding. The damage was estimated to be around $400.

Tail light assembly swiped

A 54-year-old Gypsum man reported that someone removed one of the tail light assemblies from his truck, which was parked outside his home.

The entire device was missing and no wires were cut. The value of the assembly was estimated at around $80.

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