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County Cops

Dogged and drunk

A 44-year-old man walked into a Gypsum store with his dog. When he was told he couldn’t have the dog in the store, he responded that he could, because it was a service dog.

The employee allowed the man to stay with his dog. When the man came up to the counter, the dog ran behind the counter and the employee asked the man to control his dog. The man became upset and began shouted obscenities at the employee. He was asked to leave. The man threatened the employee and the employee called 911.

When the deputy arrived at the scene, he noticed the man was visibly intoxicated. He wanted to drive away, but refused any roadside maneuvers to determine if he was, indeed, too impaired to drive a vehicle.

The man continued to be uncooperative, and was transported to the Eagle County Detention Facility, where he fell asleep twice during the seven-mile ride.

Low-hanging pants launch altercation

A deputy was dispatched to a disturbance in progress at a store in Gypsum. Apparently, a 43-year-old man stated that a 57-year-old man had approached him and made a comment that his pants were hanging too low.

The younger man had his daughter in his arms and responded by telling him to mind his own business. The older man came at the younger man, so the younger man returned to his vehicle and placed his daughter in the car, telling the older man to back off. During the altercation, the older man allegedly grabbed a knife and walked toward the younger man, swinging the knife back and forth. The younger man was able to avoid the knife, and the older man said that he had a gun and walked toward his vehicle.

At that point, the younger man grabbed his daughter and went inside the store. When the younger man returned to the parking lot from the store, the older man drove toward him at a high rate of speed. The younger man jumped into a shopping cart to avoid being hit by the vehicle.

A witness called 911, and the deputy arrived. Witnesses corroborated the events that took place, and the older man admitting to what happened, he was taken into custody.

School vandalism

An elementary school staff member in Gypsum called police to report that one of the school’s windows had been broken overnight.

Upon investigation, the deputy observed that the second-story window had been broken from the exterior and that a lone rock was in the surrounding area.

The value was estimated to be around $500.

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