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County Cops

En masse machine mash

A deputy was dispatched to an apartment complex in Edwards because ten washing machines had been damaged.

The manager of the building showed the deputy that the doors of the washing machines had been ripped off of the hinges. The manager mentioned that it had happened before when a door gets locked shut, people will just rip it off, but that he had never seen that happen with this many washing machines.

The estimated value to fix each door was around $100.

Collision with a cop

A vehicle was pulled over in an Avon roundabout when it almost collided with a deputy.

The only identification the 31-year-old male driver could present to the deputy was an Ohio state ID card. When the deputy ran his name through the system, he found that there were two out-of-state, non-extraditable warrants for his arrest. In addition, his drivers’ license was suspended.

The driver admitted to smoking marijuana an hour before getting behind the wheel, along with showing the deputy the weed, and the pipe, in the center console of the vehicle. He said to the deputy “I smoke weed all the time. You’re gonna find it in my system.”

He was cited for DUI driving under restraint, and failed to yield right of way at Yield Intersection. He was also issued a notice of revocation.

Don’t do donuts

In Edwards, a deputy noticed a man was waving and yelling at him from a nearby parking lot.

The deputy rushed over to the scene, and noticed that the person who was waving him down was leaving. He followed the vehicle and pulled over a 21-year-old man.

After the officer asked what was going on, the young man responded that he was doing “donuts” in the parking lot because he wanted to have a little fun while he still had his driver’s license. He said that he made little dust but that an older man approached him and was yelling obscenities at him. The younger man said he was angry because he was just trying to have a little fun.

When the deputy talked to the older man, he stated that he had asked the younger man to leave because he was causing a disturbance in the parking lot. The older man was walking with his two young children, and the younger man was causing a commotion and was being dangerous. When the older man asked him to leave, the younger man began yelling and cursing.

The deputy approached the younger man again, and after further investigation, issued him a ticket for harassment and careless driving.

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