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Shady campers

A 32-year-old man parked his vehicle near a pop-up camper about a half-mile up Tigiwon Road. He got out of his car, leaving it unlocked, to take a walk by the river.

There were four people in the trailer, according to the man, because he saw them walking down the road. They asked him if he had seen their dog. He said he thought that was weird because he had seen the older man in the group with the dog earlier. When the man returned to his vehicle about an hour later, he noticed his wallet, which carried $400 in cash, was missing, along with some bottled water. Also in his wallet was a $100 Visa gift card, his proof of insurance, his Ohio driver’s license, social security card, two debit cards and a credit card. There was also a slip of paper in the wallet with his bank account information.

Two deputies were dispatched to the scene, where the man told them that he asked the group, which consisted of two males, and a mother and daughter, if they took his items. They said they did not. The man told the deputies that he believes that they did in fact take the items because they were “shady.” He said that one of the men had asked him for marijuana and he said no because “he doesn’t do that.”

Upon questioning the parties and completing a search, the deputies again asked the man what happened. A deputy asked him if there was anything specific about missing money bills, as they had looked at the bills the four people had in their various wallets. The man said that one of his $100 bills had cocaine on it because he had used it earlier. There was no cocaine residue on any of the bills of people in the camper.

After further investigation, no citations were issued.

Shady Campers, Part II

Regarding that camper in the previous report – it didn’t belong to the people occupying it.

A 50-year-old man had been discharged from a hospital in Denver after being transported for some health issues. Outside of the hospital, he met two of the four people, who were from Georgia. They mentioned that they were looking for a place to camp and they seemed really nice, according to the gentleman.

The man directed them to a great spot near Minturn, where he was camping at the time. He offered to share the spot if they gave him a ride back to it. He noticed that they had two sleeping bags and a tent. Once they were at the site, the two other people, who also had Georgia plates, joined them.

The camper’s owner had to return to a local hospital, but left the group there to camp. When he returned on foot, he noticed they were gone, and hadn’t left a note. As he was cleaning the camp-site, a neighboring camper came up to him and said, “the people who were staying with you robbed me.”

After the neighbor left, the man noticed that he was missing many items, including a prescription bottle of Tramadol. He also remembers the group members saying they didn’t have any money.

The deputies attempted to make contact with the parties involved, but the phones were all unavailable or disconnected.

Driving stoned

On an early June morning, a deputy noticed a driver smoking marijuana while driving along Interstate 70 near Avon.

After pulling over the 51-year-old man, the deputy asked about it. The man said that he had smoked marijuana before work. The deputy told the man that he had seen him smoking it while driving, and the man admitted that he felt very stoned and that he had made a mistake.

The man’s vehicle also had an interlock device attached. The man wasn’t willing to participate in a Drug Recognition Evaluation, but agreed to a blood test. He was cited for DUID and weaving, and his vehicle was left roadside.

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