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Electric mischief

A deputy noticed a 42-year-old man walk to the front yard of a Gypsum residence. The man sat down on the sidewalk, and starting using a battery-operated grinder on the large green electrical box located at the site.

The deputy watched the man damage the box, open it up and look at wires. The deputy asked the man if he worked for Holy Cross Energy. He replied no, but stated that he was a licensed electrician and the person across the street was digging and had hit a neutral cable and he needed to make sure things were safe. The man admitted that he hadn’t contacted the electric company regarding his actions.

The deputy noticed a strong scent of alcohol coming from the man. The man left the electrical box door open, and began walking back across the street to look at the broken cable.

A representative from Holy Cross Energy told the deputy that anyone touching those wires would have been killed and the deputy’s report noted there were kids playing in the nearby yard.

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The estimated damage to the electrical box was $300. The man was cited for criminal mischief.

Landlord cited for trespassing

A 45-year-old Avon woman called into report that her 34-year-old landlord, also a female, had walked into her residence and refused to leave.

The landlord was not present when the deputy arrived. The renter told deputies that there was on-going tension between the two regarding the current rental agreement and that she was in the process of moving out because of those issues. She said that her landlord had sent several inappropriate or mean communications to her and that it had gotten to the point that she no longer wanted to have any communication with her landlord.

The woman claimed that the landlord came to her residence through an unlocked front entry door when she refused to answer the door. After the landlord was inside, the woman said she refused to leave.

When contacted, the landlord admitted to visiting the residence without an invitation, but noted that she did leave the residence.

At first, the renter declined to press charges, but then decided to pursue the issue. After further investigation, the landlord was cited for second-degree criminal trespass.

Speeding and naked

A deputy pulled over a 26-year-old man on Interstate 70 near Gypsum, after he clocked the weaving vehicle traveling at 100 miles per hour.

When the deputy approached the vehicle, he noticed the man was not wearing any clothing from the waste down, and his genitals were showing. He was wearing a shirt and a vest covering the upper part of his body. The deputy detected a strong scent of alcohol coming from the vehicle, and the man’s eyes were bloodshot and watery.

When asked if he had been drinking, the man said “yes.” Initially the driver said he had consumed seven drinks, but then corrected himself and said that it was actually four. The man said that he was coming from Glenwood Springs and that he had just dropped off a friend in Dotsero. When the deputy asked if the man had any clothing to cover himself, he informed the deputy that he was a drag queen, and he reached into the passenger seat to retrieve a pair of shorts.

The man put on the shorts and stepped outside of the vehicle. After he unsuccessfully completed voluntary roadside maneuvers, the man consented to a blood test, and was taken to a nearby hospital for the draw.

He was cited for DUI.

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