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Bus Vandals

A 38-year-old bus driver called in to report that someone had damaged a bus that was parked at Gypsum Creek Middle School.

The bus belongs to an area non-profit organization, and when the driver arrived at the school parking lot, she noticed that the passenger side door was ajar and the lock was in the unlocked position. She entered the bus and noticed items had been moved around. She also noticed that a trash liner had been put in the trash can, and that someone had defecated in the liner. The locks had been broken off.

Nothing was taken from the bus, but the damage was estimated to be around $300.

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Not estatic

A deputy was on foot patrol at a concert in Vail when he noticed two males, in their mid-20s, who were standing together.

One of the men reached into his left pocket, pulled out a small plastic baggy, and dropped it to the ground. The baggy contained a white powdery substance. The second man then placed his right foot over the baggy until the first man was able to pick it up, which he did. He then handed it back to the second man, who placed it in his pocket.

The deputy contacted the men, and escorted them away from other people. He retrieved the baggy. The men told the deputy that there was no cash exchanged for the substance, and that they were just passing it back and forth. The substance tested positive for Ecstasy. The men were cited for possession of a controlled substance.

Parked with a DUI

Deputies were parked at an Avon park, when a Lexus pulled into the lot, and parked by a rock retaining wall.

A 45-year-old man, who was driving the vehicle, stepped out. The deputies then stepped out of their vehicle and proceeded to walk to a nearby convenience store for a cup of coffee. It appeared to one of the deputies that the man was stalling after seeing several Eagle County law enforcement officers.

After getting the coffee, the deputy began watching the man, who was walking slowly and would occasionally look up to visually locate the deputies. The man entered the convenience store and stood at the front counter, where he was swaying and moving slowly. He purchased a hot dog and walked towards the condiments section. The man lost his balance and was visibly unsteady on his feet. He walked out of the store and towards the driver’s side of his car.

The deputy then approached the man and told him that he had been seen as he drove, parked and walked into the store, and that he appeared intoxicated. The man said that he had only had two drinks around two hours ago.

The man told the deputy that he rarely drinks. He again started towards the door and the deputy asked him to put his bags down. The other deputy offered to hold the bags. The man said that he just wanted to get his dog out of the car and walk home.

The man would not consent to the breathalyzer test or a roadside maneuver test. He told the deputies that he just wanted to walk home and not get a DUI. The deputy said that they had observed him drive, and then stumble around the store. The man then began screaming and planting his feet and not moving. He then stated that he’s an alcoholic and that he goes to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous).

As the deputy began reading him the expressed consent law, the man kept interrupting him, yelling that he should just leave him alone, let him get his dog, and walk home. After further investigation, the man was cited for a DUI.

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