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County Cops

Train yard tresspassing

A deputy was dispatched to Bond to investigate a trespassing complaint.

A railroad company employee at the site asked the deputy to issue trespassing tickets to people who were in a box car, noting that it wasn’t the first time he’d dealt with the individuals.

As the deputy started crossing over the first set of railroad tracks, a group of six or seven people jumped out from inside the box car and started walking south on the railroad track toward the State Bridge Lodge. When the deputy yelled out for them to stop, only one did – a 50-year-old man.

Upon questioning, the man admitted that this wasn’t the first time he trespassed onto railroad cars to catch a ride cross-country. He was cited for third degree trespass.

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License switch

A deputy noticed a car swerving on Highway 6 near Squaw Creek. When he pulled over the 29-year-old man, he noticed an odor of alcohol and a half empty bottle of Victoria beer in the cup holder.

The man was slurring his speech and had bloodshot eyes. The man provided the deputy with a Honduran driver’s license, and when the deputy ran his information, he discovered that the man’s Colorado driver’s license had been revoked due to a prior alcohol offense.

After further investigation, the man was cited for DUI, Driving under restraint, open container, and failure to drive in a single lane.

Phoned in regrets

A 51-year-old Edwards woman called to report that her cell phone had been stolen.

She told deputies that she was outside getting some sun but she walked inside her residence, came out five minutes later and noticed her phone was missing. The woman said her phone cos $14 and that she has used if for about five years. She stated that she didn’t know of anyone who would want to take her phone.

After the deputy had left, the woman called and said that her phone had been returned but that she didn’t know who returned it. She had called and left messages on the phone stating that she had called the cops. She said that she walked back inside her home, and when she returned back outside, that the phone was returned to where she had left it, on the lawn chair.

Phone goes missing

A 60-year-old woman who was visiting the valley called to report that her husband’s iPhone was missing.

She explained that she and two friends traveled to Colorado from Texas. When they arrived in Avon, they were in and out of residence where they were staying and they did not lock the vehicle doors when they parked at the location. She later realized the phone was missing, and when she checked with Apple, someone had tried to charge the phone.

When the women checked in at their lodging, they noticed a man walking by, but they did not think anything of it. When the deputy called the phone, a man answered and stated that he bought a new phone and switched the telephone number over. It was not the original phone, and there are no leads in the case.

Eagle-Vail car break-ins

Several Eagle-Vail residents reported to say that their vehicles had been broken into – some locked and some unlocked. Residents are asked to be aware of this activity.

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