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Ill-advised experiment

A deputy responded to a complaint at an Avon apartment complex regarding some teenagers who were shooting a BB gun.

The maintenance manager was showing the deputy damage to a window and other areas, when both heard the shots go off again. The deputy approached the unit where the shots were coming from, and heard loud music coming from inside. When the deputy knocked, someone from inside yelled, “Turn down the music.”

A few seconds later, a 26-year-old man answered the door. Two 20-year-old men also were inside and they told the deputy that all three lived in the unit.

They explained that they were just seeing how far the BBs would travel and didn’t intend to hurt anyone or cause any damage. All three parties were cited for criminal mischief.

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Dirt bike dispute

A 26-year-old Eagle man reported that his dirt bike had been stolen and that he believed a 29-year-old man he knew had taken it.

The younger man had lived with the older man and the older man’s mother the past year, but did not take the bike when he moved because it was covered with snow. He also left some clothes at the residence. He returned to the house in the spring and noticed all his belongings were gone. The man messaged the older man’s girlfriend on Facebook, who told him that the bike’s colors and VIN number had been modified.

An anonymous caller told sheriff’s deputies that the bike was still at the mother’s residence, but that it was behind a padlocked barn stall. Deputies obtained a search warrant and located the bike.

Just before forcing entry, the mother showed up at the residence and stated that nothing behind the door was hers, and that it all belonged to her son. She stated that her son would be back soon, and she complained that the previous tenant had left car parts and other items around the property. She also complained that he had destroyed her home, and that she may sue him for causing damages.

The son arrived and unlocked the stall door. He told the deputies that he had purchased the bike at the auto shop he had worked for, but didn’t have the bill of sale or receipt. He said that a “Mexican” had sold it to him in the parking lot and he did have concerns that the bike was stolen. As the deputies were investigating the VIN stamp and other items on the bike, the man began pacing back and forth. The man insisted that he legally purchased the bike and was telling the truth. He also began telling the deputies that “he didn’t do anything wrong, and if he gets in trouble, he’s going to find that guy.”

When the deputy asked why the VIN number matched the VIN of the former tenant’s bike, he said that he didn’t know. As the deputy placed the man under arrest, he yelled for his mother, but she kept cleaning her horse stalls.

The younger man provided deputies with a bill of sale and OHV registration renewal. The older man called the deputy later on and said that he had told the truth and that he didn’t attempt to steal the bike.

Masked gunman at the door

A 54-year-old Edwards man, who lives alone, was watching TV when there was a knock at his door.

When he looked out the peephole, he noticed two men, one holding a semi-auto pistol. The other man was wearing a surgical mask. He immediately moved away from the door to his bedroom, where he looked out the window. The men had already left. He stated that he noticed a vehicle leaving with Michigan plates.

The man stated that he has no known enemies and that he didn’t call 911 immediately because he couldn’t identify the men.

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