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A deputy pulled over a speeding vehicle in Minturn and he reported a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The 20-year-old man driving explained that he had just smoked a bowl before he left for work when the deputy asked about the smell. There was pipe in the center console of the car.

Upon further investigation, the man was cited for DUI.

Not sharing the road

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A 23-year-old Edwards man called to report that a group of people had been walking through the streets, not letting traffic pass by.

He told deputies that he rolled down his window and yelled “sidewalks” to the group. One of the men yelled back, “mind your own business fat boy” which caused the reporting man to stop. When he stepped out of his car, one of the men in the group produced a knife and held it at the driver’s throat saying “I’ll cut you. I’m a cop.” The driver said he told the man to put down the knife so they could fight. The other man then backed off and the driver got back into his car, drove to a nearby business and called 911.

Deputies canvassed the area for the man but could not locate him.

Uninvited visitor

A 65-year-old Gypsum man called to report that when he arrived at his home, a 21-year-old man, who he did not know, was lying down on his couch.

The homeowner said he believed the man walked through his door because it was left unlocked. The deputy walked inside the residence to observe the younger man sitting on the couch wearing only his underwear. He was talking to the older man’s 22-year-old granddaughter, who was standing near the couch. She told the deputy that she had never seen the man before and that she had walked downstairs to watch TV and noticed him sleeping on the couch.

The young man told the deputy that he did not know the people in the house but that he was “trying to register to live here.” The deputy noticed the younger man was highly intoxicated. The man was removed from the house and cited for 1st degree criminal trespassing.

Suspicious driver

A deputy was dispatched to Edwards to investigate a suspicious occurrence.

A vehicle was reported when the driver kept circling the same area while playing very loud music and flashing neon lights.

When the deputy arrived, he noticed the car parked in the middle of a road, with the driver door opened. The deputy approached the driver and noticed a 31-year-old man behind the wheel, and three other men in the car.

When asked for his information, the driver produced his wife’s driver’s license. When the deputy pointed this out, the driver grabbed his wallet and pulled out a Mexican Consular Identification Card. Upon further investigation, the driver was arrested for DUI.

As the arrest was taking place, his passengers exited the vehicle and attempted to fight off the deputies, forcing a call for back up. The deputies managed to get control of the men and citations were issued.

Gypsum robbery

A Gypsum business was robbed of around $700 in cash.

The manager noticed that there was damage to the molding on the business door around the area where the door lock is located. He then saw that the drawer in the kitchen area where he keeps the cash was ripped out

The manager said he had no idea who would rob the business, and police are currently investigating.

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