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Didn’t know

A vehicle pulling a trailer in Gypsum was holding up traffic due to the slow speed. The trailers lights were also broken. When it was determined safe, a deputy attempted to pull over the vehicle. The 20-year-old man told the deputy that he didn’t know his lights were broken, didn’t know that he had to pull over, and didn’t have a drivers license. When the deputy ran the man’s information, he learned that the license had been suspended.

The man was cited.

Wasp’s nest

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A Gypsum man called to report damage to two vehicles.

He told the deputy that there were two families parked outside and that a neighbor had reported to him that some children were playing around his vehicles on an unknown day and possible did the damage. He said that the children were throwing rocks at a wasp nest on the building and that those rocks damaged the vehicles.

The man did not know the names of the families or the children.

Mutual combat

In Gypsum one evening, a deputy noticed a truck stopped on the street waiting for a group of pedestrians to cross. He saw one of the pedestrians “square up” to the truck.

The deputy yelled at the pedestrian to “keep moving.” As the deputy came back around to check out things, he noticed a group of people fist fighting in the road. As the deputy activated his lights, one man in the group took off running. The other three remained tangled up but were not fighting.

The three remaining men complied with the deputy’s orders to stop. After gathering information from all the individuals who were involved, the deputy determined that the fight stemmed from a verbal altercation that occurred at the intersection. The four adult young men in the truck got out and confronted the four adult young men and one adult female who were walking, and the fight ensued. All of the parties involved agreed it was a “mutual combat” fight, started by the verbal exchange. There was only one visible injury, and the young man refused medical treatment.

After the deputy cleared the scene, he was driving northbound when he observed the man who had run away from the scene. He parked and got out to talk with him. The man continued to run and hide. Others in the area told the deputy that he was running because “he had warrants.” The deputy caught up with the young man, and placed his hands behind his back. The man was resisting.

He was cited and taking into custody.

Trespassing jogger

Someone called the sheriff’s office to report a trespass in progress near Eagle.

The reporting party said that he observed a man trespassing, and confronted him. The man ran away, but then came back and told him that he was a doctor and he was just out for a jog. The reporting party told the man that he was trespassing and that the police had been called. The man then began walking away and disappeared from sight.

The deputy found the man and asked him about the trespassing incident. The man said that he was a doctor and that he knew he wasn’t supposed to be on the property, but that he ran because he thought the reporting party was going to hurt him. He said the reporting party was very aggressive.

After further investigation, the man was cited for third degree criminal trespass.

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