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County Cops

Speeding and a warrant

A 32-year-old man was pulled over in Eagle-Vail for speeding 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.

When the deputy ran the driver’s information through dispatch, he discovered that the man had a CICJIS (Colorado Integrated Criminal Justice Information System) warrant out of the Eagle County Courts for Failure to Appear on traffic citation.

He was taken into custody and booked in for the warrant, and was also cited for speeding.

Mountaintop theft

From the top of Vail Mountain, a 25-year-old woman called in to report that her cell phone had been stolen.

She was at the top of the gondola and went into the ladies room. She said she set her cell phone down on the toilet paper dispenser and forgot to grab it. When she returned to the bathroom after just a short while, the phone was gone.

The woman then went to the gift shop next door to ask if an iPhone was turned in. The clerk informed the woman that someone had come with a iPhone to turn in, but the store policy is not to take in found items, so the person was directed to Lost and Fond for the gondola. The woman checked there and the phone was not turned in. She then checked with Vail Resorts Lost and Found and they didn’t have the phone either.

She activated the “Find my Phone” app and the phone remained in the area of a Vail hotel for three days. She reported the phone stolen to AT&T. The phone was worth around $300.

Drunk and yelling

A suspicious vehicle was reported in Gypsum.

The reporting party said that there was a vehicle intermittently stopping in front of his residence and playing loud music. The man believed the driver was his sister’s ex-boyfriend and he told deputies he believed the man was drunk because he kept yelling loudly while in front of the residence.

The man who called told the deputy that he and his sister wanted the noise to stop because they were trying to sleep. As the deputy was talking to the man, the vehicle drove by and the man told the deputy, “that’s him.” The vehicle was slowly rolling on the wrong side of the road, with its two left wheels on the sidewalk.

When the deputy initiated a traffic stop, the vehicle kept rolling for a short distance and then came to a stop. The 29-year-old man was visibly drunk. He didn’t have a driver’s license, but presented the deputy with an employee identification card from a local business. He told the deputy he wanted to talk to his ex-girlfriend, and that he only had one beer at a restaurant in Eagle. The man also had a 20-year-old male passenger.

Upon further investigation, the man was cited for DUI.


A 37-year-old Edwards woman called to report that her vehicle had been scratched on the drivers side, hood and passenger side of the vehicle.

She insisted that neither she nor her kids had problems with anyone and that she hadn’t noticed anyone suspicious hanging around her residence. She estimated the cost to get the scratches out to be around one thousand dollars.


A Gypsum man reported that his tires were slashed.

The man said he doesn’t know anyone who has it out for him, but suspected that kids arguing with his neighbor were the culprits.

The neighbor said that he was talking to the kids about playing basketball, but that it was a positive conversation.

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