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Youth club guns stolen

In Gypsum, firearms were reported missing from a local youth shooting club.

Two guns were missing and deputies entered the weapons’ information into the NCIC records department as stolen. Police are actively investigating.

Unsteady cycler

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Someone called in to report that a young man in Gypsum was being “unsteady” while riding a bike on Interstate 70.

When a deputy contacted the rider – a 21-year-old man – she noticed that the bike was extremely small for him. The man noticed the deputy, dropped the bike to the ground, and approached her. When the deputy asked him why he was riding the bike on the interstate, he replied that he was trying to get to Gypsum. When she pointed out that the bike was too small for him, he said, “yeah, I stole it.”

The deputy asked the man where he stole it and he replied, “from the last town back there.” When the deputy asked him his name, she recognized the information from a police contact in Eagle the day before. The man said that he had stolen something from a lady in Eagle, but returned it so he didn’t get charged.

The man was booked and charged with theft. While all this was occurring, he told the deputy that he was hoping to get in touch with his mother, and trying to get back to Oregon. He said he thought if he could get to Glenwood Springs, he could take a bus to Grand Junction, then get a train ticket back to Oregon.

Shooting at a flagger

A deputy was called to an area near Edwards because a motorist shot a BB gun at a traffic control flagger working on Highway 6.

The 31-year-old female flagger was directing traffic when an older Jeep pickup truck passed by traveling westbound. When it passed by, she heard a “tink” sound. The sound was a BB that had hit her sign.

Roommate stabbing

A 52-year-old woman called in to report that her 51-year-old old husband had been stabbed.

The victim, his wife and the suspect all resided together in unincorporated Eagle, and the roommate was a 56-year-old male. The stabbing allegedly occurred outside the residence and after the older man stabbed the younger one, he fled on foot.

When deputies arrived, there were two other people at the residence, along with the alleged victim. The other person there — the 62-year-old girlfriend of the alleged stabber — told deputies that her boyfriend stabbed her tenant in the stomach and that she did not know when he had gone.

As the deputies were talking with witnesses and getting the hurt man medical help, the alleged assailant arrived on the scene. The girlfriend pointed to him as he was heading out the back yard. The man was ordered to his knees at gun point, and cooperated with deputies. When asked why he stabbed the man, the suspect said that he and the younger man have had “issues” for several years and that the couple had rented a room from his girlfriend for about four years. The suspect said that the younger man had damaged a lot of his girlfriend’s lawn equipment and he denied that he stabbed him. He said they were fighting on the lawn, and that there was probably something in the grass that poked the man in the stomach.

Upon further investigation, the man was cited with Second Degree Assault.

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