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Liquor goes missing

Near Eagle, a 32-year-old woman called to report a theft from the rental unit where she had been living.

On the day before her lease ended, the woman sent her boyfriend to pick up her belongings. The woman told deputies that her boyfriend reported that the landlord’s son was at the unit doing laundry. Once the woman arrived at the unit, she noticed at least three bottles of liquor missing, along with the landline phone.

After making sure her boyfriend hadn’t packed them, she confronted the landlord’s son, who told her that he used his unlocking kit to enter through the door of the unit. The value of the liquor was around $100.

When the deputy called the landlord, she insisted that there was no evidence that her son had taken the liquor. She said that she told her son to enter the unit and that she doesn’t have leases for her tenants and that all agreements are “verbal and casual.” The landlord said that all tenants know that she can access any unit at any time.

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The son insisted that he knew nothing about the missing alcohol.

No citations were issued.

Already knew he was drunk

A vehicle in Edwards ran a stop sign at a four-way stop, which prompted a deputy to stop the driver.

When the deputy approached the 49-year-old male driver and his female passenger, he noticed an open 24-pack of canned Bud Light on the passenger floorboard. There was also an open can in the center console. When speaking to the driver, who spoke broken English, the deputy detected a strong odor of alcohol.

The man got out of the vehicle and the deputy asked him if he’d be willing to perform some voluntary roadside maneuvers, which he declined. The man then asked the deputy why he pulled him over on private property. The deputy explained that the infraction had actually occurred on a public roadway and it’s illegal to operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated on both public and private roadways.

The man told a second deputy who arrived on the scene he didn’t perform the roadside maneuvers because he “already knew he was drunk.”

The man was cited for DUI.

Golf cart shenanigans

A call came in to dispatch regarding a man who was supposedly intoxicated and crashing a golf cart in Gypsum.

When the deputy arrived at the scene, he was told a group of golfers were slowing play and that three of the men were crashing into each other on the street in the golf carts. The club house manager asked the men to come back to the club house and when he asked for their names, one gave a fake name. One man explained that as they were driving up the hill to the next hole, he “bumped” one of his buddies, which caused the cart to flip onto its side. The man said the group pushed the cart back upright and continued up the path. He said once they were on top of the hill, they crashed into each other again and that they were “just having fun.”

The deputy noticed the man smelled of alcohol and asked him to perform some roadside maneuvers. Another man in the group explained that they were going up the hill and the cart just fell on its side.

After further investigation, the driver was cited for criminal mischief.

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