County Cops

Jewelry goes missing

A Cordillera resident called in to report that many pieces of jewelry were missing from her home.

The 66-year-old woman noticed the items were missing approximately two weeks before calling authorities. She told deputies that after she noticed the missing items, she began to clean and look to see if the jewelry had been moved or misplaced.

When asked if anyone had been in her home recently, the woman mentioned that she has a housekeeper who brings a couple people each time to help her. She also said that she had already texted the housekeeper to ask if any of the items had been moved. Additionally, the woman said a contractor had been in her home, was doing renovation work. She said the contractor’s job required multiple workers to be inside the home, but that very little work was being done in the master bedroom area, and that’s where the missing items had been hidden, in a far back corner underneath other items.

The woman’s inexpensive items, which weren’t taken, were in plain view. However, the expensive items were hidden and were missing.

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When contacted, the contractor mentioned that the woman had also had parts of her home, including the master bedroom, re-carpeted by a company that wasn’t a subcontractor of his. The sixteen items missing have a total value of around $64,000.

Rims and tires taken

A 19-year-old Gypsum woman called into report that someone had stolen a set of rims and tires from her yard.

The woman had a set of 20” chrome rims that she had taken off her car, and placed on her lawn. The woman stated that she knows of no one who would do this to her.

The value of the rims and tires is approximately $1,200 to replace.

Criminal justice major

Near Gypsum, a 25-year-old man was pulled over for weaving between lanes while traveling on Interstate 70.

When the deputy approached the vehicle, he noticed a strong odor of alcohol, and observed chewing tobacco spilled on the driver’s lap. There was also a female passenger in the vehicle.

After taking the driver’s license, registration and insurance, the deputy asked the young man to step out of the car. When asked if he had had anything to drink, the driver said no. The deputy asked the man to spit out his chewing tobacco and asked him if he would consent to some voluntary roadside maneuvers. The man hesitated, and then told the deputy that he did not have probable cause to make the request. The young man told the deputy that he was a criminal justice major. The deputy asked again if he would consent to the maneuvers, and the man agreed.

The man told the deputy that he normally wears contact lenses, but didn’t have them in. He also said that he had a drink around four hours previously.

After the man did not complete the maneuvers as a reasonable sober person would, he was placed into custody for suspicion of DUI. The man did not immediately comply, questioning the deputy as to why he was being arrested. The woman also exited the car, and a deputy asked her to get back inside the vehicle.

As the citation was being written up, the man became very agitated and rude. He told the deputy that he couldn’t wait for court because consuming “one beer is not illegal.”

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