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Intently illegal

In Gypsum, a deputy received a report from a sales clerk who was offered cocaine from a 22-year-old man.

When the deputy arrived at the scene, the clerk told him that the man was in the restroom. The deputy walked into the restroom, and saw the man was bent over looking down at the counter top and that another male was standing by the door. The man by the door left, and the deputy walked up behind the man to find that he was cutting a white powdery substance using his debit card. The suspect was so intent on his actions, he didn’t realize that a deputy was standing directly behind him.

As the deputy was dealing with the suspect, he radioed another deputy to be on the lookout for the second man, who left the store walking westward. Once the deputy detained the suspect, and ran his information, it was found that the man was on probation and had a restraining order out on him. The man was detained and cited.

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Road rage

In Eagle-Vail, a 50-year-old man called in to report that a vehicle was speeding and throwing rocks at other cars.

The caller had turned into a gas station, where he met the deputy. The driver of the other vehicle was a 33-year-old man. When contacted, the younger man said it all started when he was finishing a conversation with friends while parked in the street. He said the older man drove by quickly, honked the horn and passed him on the right side. The younger man said that while the vehicle passed, the driver “flipped him off.”

The younger man said he caught up with the other vehicle and passed it, returning the favor and “flipping off” the older driver. The younger man said that he stayed in the right lane, and the older man sped up next to him in the left lane and swerved towards him. He alleged that the older man then cut him offf and said the older man was video recording the incident while driving behind him.

The younger man said he exited I-70 and the older man continued to follow. He then drove past the younger man while shouting obscenities. The younger man pulled into the gas station and the older man pulled in right next to him “door to door.” The younger man asked why he was following him both men engaged in a lot of trash talking. The younger man challenged the older man to a fight, but then the drove off to get away from the older man.

The older man said the incident started in Vail and that as he passed the younger man, he was the one who honked and made an obscene gesture. The older man also stated that the younger man threw something at his vehicle, and that he heard things hitting the top of his car. He said that the younger man was driving over 100 mph and that he was weaving in and out of traffic. He said the younger man must have slowed down at some point because he was able to catch up to him, and that he did in fact pass the younger man and flipped him off in return.

The older man said that the younger man then threw more things at his vehicle, which made him decide to call 911. He also said that he was telling the story in a local restaurant, and a couple had the same problem with the younger man. The deputy interviewed the couple, and they stated that they had also been harassed by a man fitting the younger man’s description. They said the man threw items at their vehicle.

The deputy examined both the couple’s vehicle and the older man’s vehicle and found similar damage to both. He also noted that the two vehicles were similar in appearance and theorized that that the younger man had probably mistaken the couple’s vehicle for the older man’s.

Upon further investigation, the younger man was cited for various offenses.

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