County Cops

Suspiciously passing through

On Interstate70 near Eagle, a 25-year-old man was pulled over due to his vehicle not having a license plate.

When the deputy approached the driver, the man spoke very little English but told the deputy that he did not have a driver’s license and that he was driving to Los Angeles from Denver. The deputy noticed that the car had a “lived in” look, with blankets, toiletries and other items in the back seat.

The man handed the deputy an Arizona identification card, and an insurance card that was issued in Denver. Upon running the items through dispatch, the photograph didn’t belong to the ID card. The deputy then contacted a backup deputy who spoke Spanish fluently. As the second deputy was questioning the driver, the first deputy noticed that there was fresh paint in the rear quarter panels of the vehicle, with paint overspray on the rear passenger side door molding, new snow tires, and left over wax on the rear bumper on the black plastic that was not wiped off at the time of waxing. There were also parts of both rear wheel wells that appeared to have fresh paint and bondo. The left front wheel well molding was missing rivets, and a screw that was not from the manufacturer was in the front plastic underneath of the windshield wipers on the passenger side.

The deputies determined that the temporary license plate in the window was fictitious and that they didn’t know the identity of the man. The man was fingerprinted and booked on various charges.

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leasing dispute

In unincorporated Eagle County near Avon, a deputy was dispatched to a disturbance.

Upon arrival, the deputy spoke with a 56-year-old woman who was inside the leasing office of an apartment building talking with the leasing agent – a 24-year-old woman. The older woman was telling the leasing agent that her 26-year-old daughter had been a resident, but had left due to a restraining order from her roommates. The woman wanted the deposit and a walk through done because she didn’t want her daughter to be responsible for any damage caused by the new tenant moving in to her former room in the apartment.

The leasing agent did not agree to the woman’s request because the contract didn’t allow for that. The older woman’s husband then became involved by telling his wife to get a photo of the leasing agent and her contact information. The leasing agent told the older woman that she didn’t want her photo taken, but the older woman attempted to take the picture anyway, which caused the younger leasing agent to block the photo by grabbing the phone and consequently, the older woman’s hand. The older woman attempted again to take a photo, and the same thing occurred.

On the second attempt, the older woman said that the leasing agent pushed her and left red marks on her neck. When the deputy inspected the older woman’s neck, there were no red marks or any signs of bruising.

The leasing agent claimed that the older woman had come in and was belligerent from the start. She asked for her daughter’s deposit back, and when the leasing agent refused, the older woman called her names and told her she was going to sue her and that she’d lose her job. The leasing agent said when she asked the woman to leave, that she attempted to take her photo. After the leasing agent stopped the photo, the older woman grabbed her hand and pushed her against the wall. The deputy noticed three abrasions on the leasing agent’s left arm.

The older woman denied touching the leasing agent. After further investigation, both received summonses .

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