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Wrong way on I-70

As a deputy was traveling eastbound on Interstate 70 near Eagle, he observed a single light and lots of sparks headed his way – the wrong way.

The deputy immediately activated his emergency lights, swerved to avoid a collision, and then pursued the vehicle. He also advised dispatch to shut down eastbound traffic on I-70 coming out of Eagle. The driver of the vehicle continued on but finally pulled over to the side.

The deputy approached the 46-year-old male driver and immediately had him exit the vehicle. Once the driver was secured, the deputy went back to the vehicle to check for more passengers and to turn off the ignition in an attempt to prevent a fire. The driver had no identification, and was very unsteady on his feet. He also smelled strongly of alcohol. The driver asked the deputy “Can I relax please?” He then refused to speak anymore without an attorney.

He was summoned for DUI, reckless driving, and driving the wrong way on divided or controlled access highway.

Nap leads to arrest

A deputy noticed a vehicle parked and running on the shoulder of I-70 near Gypsum. It appeared that no one was in the vehicle, but when the deputy approached the passenger side, he noticed a 19-year-old man with the seat reclined sleeping.

The deputy knocked on the window, waking up the man. The man rolled down his window and began eating yogurt and an orange. The deputy noted the man seemed lethargic and was slow to answer some basic questions.

The deputy asked the man if he had any medical conditions or if he was under the influence of medications or alcohol. The man replied “no” to all of the questions. The driver said he did not have any identification, but gave the officer his name. Dispatch advised the deputy that the man had a revoked license and that there was a warrant out for his arrest in New Mexico.

The deputy called for backup and as he approached the man again, he noticed that the driver was attempting to conceal something in the center console area. The deputy arrested the man, and asked him if he’d like to take anything from the vehicle. The man asked the deputy to get his cell phone and wallet. While retrieving those items, the deputy noticed a clear container with a crystal substance in the center console right by the wallet. The deputy later tested the substance, and it turned out to be methamphetamine. The container also contained a digital scale and a fictitious ID.

The deputy seized all items as evidence of a crime.

Large and missing

A construction contractor reported to the Eagle County Sheriff that he rented a piece of construction equipment from an Eagle company and picked up the equipment in Edwards.

After loading and securing the equipment onto an open-air trailer, he made one stop in Edwards and then drove to Gypsum, parking the trailer at the end of Buckhorn Valley Boulevard. The piece of equipment remained on the trailer, along with a power washer.

About a week later, the contractor noticed that the piece of equipment was no longer on the trailer. He originally thought that one of his workers was using it at a nearby construction site, but the item hasn’t been recovered or turned back into the renting company.

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