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iPad, cell phone go missing

I n Avon, a deputy was dispatched to a burglary reported by a 28-year-old woman.

She told the deputy that her iPad and her brother’s cell phone were missing from the home that they rented. She told the deputy that she had contacted the owner of the residence, who in turned spoke with the home’s housekeeper. The housekeeper told the owner that she had found the iP ad in her 23-year-old son’s car. The phone, however, was still missing and the woman believed that it could have been thrown out of the car.

The deputy spoke with the housekeeper who said that her son was helping her clean that unit, along with a neighboring unit, and that he was with her most of the time. She said that the only time her son went into the unit alone was when she asked him to get the vacuum. She didn’t notice anything in the car when they left for home.

She said that when she received a call from the owner of the unit asking about the items she went to check her son’s car and found the iPad case under the front seat but did not find the iPad. She called her son’s wife to check the baby seat because that was the only place she didn’t look. When the son’s wife found the iPad in the baby seat, she met up with her and retrieved the iPad. She said that she then called the owner of the unit and told her she would be returning it tomorrow.

The housekeeper gave the deputy the address where her son lives. When the deputy contacted him, he said he didn’t have an explanation for what he did and he admitted throwing the cell phone out the window on his way from Minturn to Leadville. He repeated to the deputy that he had no idea why he took the items and that he regretted taking them.

He cooperated with the deputy and was summons for theft.

Weaving with a revoked license

Near Dotsero, a deputy noticed a vehicle weaving in and out of the lanes on Interstate 70.

When the deputy approached the 28-year-old male driver, the deputy advised him of the reason that he was stopped. The man stated to the deputy that he didn’t think he was weaving.

When asked for his documents, the man told the deputy that he didn’t have a drivers license and instead gave him a Colorado ID along with the insurance and registration. Dispatch advised the deputy that the man had a revoked license.

The driver and his female passenger exited the car and were transported by the deputy. The man asked if he could call his brother to pick up the vehicle and the deputy allowed him to make that call. The woman was taken to her residence and the man was ticketed.

A few beers

A deputy noticed a driver drifting to the shoulder of the road on Highway 6 near Edwards. He initiated a traffic stop, and contacted the 24-year-old male driver.

The man was struggling to locate his drivers license and other documents. He told the deputy that he had had a few beers. The deputy noticed the man was struggling to keep his eyes open. The man’s BAC was determined to be at .172, which is more than twice the legal limit. He was summonsed.

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