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Fake ID doesn’t solve problem

Near Dotsero, a 27-year-old man was pulled over for traveling at an unusually slow speed and weaving.

The driver provided the deputy with insurance, registration, and a Mexican consulate ID card. The deputy noticed immediately that the ID was a fake, and asked the driver for another ID. The driver said he didn’t have one.

The deputy asked if he could look through the driver’s wallet, and the driver agreed. The deputy found an authentic Mexican ID card in a different name, but the photo matched the driver. When asked why he gave a false ID, the man stated thahe had been arrested for a DUI in Nevada a few years prior.

When the deputy ran his information, he not only had a DUI, but had also been charged with possession of a forged identification, which is a felony in Nevada.

The man was summoned and the vehicle was towed.

Unlocked vehicle burglarized

A 26-year-old Eagle-Vail man called in to report that someone had entered his vehicle and stolen some money.

The man said he had gone into Walmart, cashed his paycheck, and had put $800 cash in his wallet. He kept his wallet in the glove box of his vehicle and had driven around for several days

The man said he had left his vehicle unlocked one night. When he entered the vehicle at around 10 a.m. the next morning, he opened the glove box to get his wallet and noticed the $800 was missing. He also noticed that some maps and other items that had been in the glove box were in the back seat area.

There was no damage to the vehicle.

Left on the bus

A 23-year-old man who had been working at Beaver Creek called in to report that his backpack had been stolen on the Beaver Creek bus.

The man said that he had clocked out of work and got on the same bus to go home that he had ridden up to work. He knew he had left his backpack on the bus, and checked with the driver to see if he had seen it or if it had been turned in. It had not.

The backpack contained the man’s cell phone, gloves, his wallet, cash, his Connecticut driver’s license, his debit card and his insurance card. It also contained his house key and vehicle keys.

There are currently no leads and the backpack hadn’t been turned in as of press time.

Discriminating burglar

An Arrowhead resident called in to report a theft.

The 79-year-old man said that some jewelry valued at around $1,500 was missing.

The deputy noticed there was no forced entry or disturbance at the residence, and that several items including a laptop computer and other jewelry remained intact.

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