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Debit card fraud

A 31-year-old Eagle-Vail woman called in to report that someone had accessed her debit card information and made unauthorized purchases in the state of Illinois.

The woman said that she had reviewed her bank account and noticed 10 unauthorized charges to her Chase Bank debit card. The charges totalled close to $450 and were made at several retail stores in Chicago, Rockford, Dolton, Niles and Machesney, which are all located in Illinois.

The woman said she hasn’t been to that state recently and doesn’t know who may have made the charges to her account, but that she had recently used the card to make a number of online purchases.

She canceled the card and began the fraud process with Chase Bank.

Argument nets snowboards, iPhone

A deputy responded to a disturbance between two males in Edwards.

The 18-year-old man told the deputy that he had pulled a knife on his roommate, a 20-year-old male. He told the deputy that he didn’t have the knife anymore.

The younger man’s parents were in the residence at the time, and the mother produced the knife, placing it on the kitchen counter top. The younger man told the deputy that the two men were at a nearby bar and when they got home, they began to argue. The argument concerned $10, and the younger man accused the older man of stealing the money. The older man reportedly handed over the $10 and told his roommate that he wasn’t going to die over $10. As he handed over the money, he reportedly told the younger man that he could “kick his butt, but I feel sorry for you.” The younger man then punched the older man in the face and went to get the knife. The fight was broken up by the parents of the younger man.

The older man told the deputy that he felt bad because no one like the younger man – not even his family. He also alleged that the younger man had stolen two snowboards and that they were in the house.

The deputy took the snowboards because they didn’t belong to either party involved in the dispute. There was also a stolen iPhone in the residence, which the deputy also collected. Both parties were summoned.

Skis, poles swiped

A 67-year-old man called in to report that his skis and poles had been stolen outside a restaurant on Vail Mountain.

He told deputies that he was in the restaurant for only 15 minutes, and that the total value of the items was around $1,100.

Only one per hour

A 29-year-old Texas man was pulled over near Edwards for weaving.

When asked if he had been drinking, he told the deputy that he had only had “one per hour” and that he had been drinking for the last several hours.

The man was summonsed and his vehicle was towed.

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