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Missing goat

A vehicle approached a deputy in the Edwards area and the driver stated that he wanted to report a missing goat.

The deputy told the man to pull over in front of the patrol car and that she needed to finish another call and would be right with him. As the deputy was finishing her work on the previous call, a 77-year-old woman stepped out of the passenger side of the vehicle and explained about the missing animal. She said that typically, neighbors keep an eye on the goat (named Dick) and that they all love him.

The woman said that the goat was last seen in her yard on Friday afternoon. When the couple returned on Sunday, Dick was gone. The woman described the goat as a little over 2 feet tall, and almost 3 feet long. She said that he is white with red and orange ears. They have had him almost three years and she had no idea who would have taken him or where he could be.

The woman told the deputy that she had paid $150 for the goat, and another $150 to have him shipped from Vermont. She said that he has their house number displayed on his side, so everyone knows where he belongs. When the deputy asked if the number was branded on the goat, the woman replied “No, we just went to Home Depot and got the big numbers and stuck it to him and it stuck to the metal.” The deputy asked the woman about the metal, and woman said that Dick was made out of metal, and that he is not a live animal but rather a yard decoration.

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The deputy told the woman that officers would keep an eye out for Dick.

Not welcome

A deputy was dispatched to a fight in progress in Gypsum.

The deputy arrived at a trailer park, and noticed a 19-year-old man and two females – ages 31 and 33 – involved in a physical fight. The deputy yelled for the group to stop, and he heard one of the females say “the cops are here.”

The deputy noted that the females seemed to be attempting to control and calm down the man. The man was flailing around, pushing the women, and swinging his arms and being combatative.

The deputy was around 20 feet away when the man violently pushed one of the women knocking both to the ground. The man’s momentum caused him to fall into a pile with the women. The deputy ordered the two women to get up and ordered the man to stay on the ground. The man ignored those commands and got to his feet. The deputy drew his taser and ordered the man to get back down. The man came closer to the deputy and a back-up deputy instructed the deputy to “taser him,” which he did. That action got the man to the ground, and he was handcuffed. After the scene was secured, the man was placed in a patrol vehicle. The man gave the deputy a false name, but the deputy was able to identify the man correctly. The man kept slurring in Spanish and smelled of alcohol. The females told the other deputy that the man sometimes spends the night at the residence when his father kicks him out. This time, he came to the residence and started banging on windows and doors, and they didn’t want him to spend the night. They believe that when they tried to stop him, a neighbor must have called 911.

Meanwhile, during the ride to the hospital to take care of his injuries, the man kept saying he needed to use the restroom. The man was allowed to use the restroom, and while he was engaged in that activity, he made an obscene gesture toward the deputy. The man also made a mess in the bathroom.

The man was transported for medical attention, summonsed, and booked in the Eagle County Jail.

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