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Disorderly disorderly conduct

Deputies responded to a fight at a Red Cliff bar Aug. 1 and arrested a 30-year-old man.

Though he denied any fighting, witnesses said the man grabbed a 48-year-old man by the throat. The 30-year-old said the other man said bad things about his mother.

The 48-year-old said the intoxicated 30-year-old probably misheard him and he didn’t care to press charges even though the man’s throat-grab was unprovoked. He said people intervened and stopped the fight as soon as it started.

Officers noted the 30-year-old was certainly intoxicated and had scratches on his face and knuckles. They also discovered that he had a warrant for missing court on a charge of disorderly conduct in Vail.

The man was arrested for the warrant. On the way to jail, the man said he wanted a cigarette and had to urinate. He became increasingly agitated and hit his head on the cage window so hard that he cut his face. The deputy had to take him to the hospital to have the wound examined and officers ultimately added another charge of disorderly conduct against the man.

The thief that got away

A fishing guide reported that items had been stolen from his locked car while it was parked at a fishing area in Vail Aug. 2.

The guide said he locked his car and stashed the keys in the gas cap of his car while he took a client fishing. He didn’t notice that $106 cash in his wallet and 160 prescription pills were missing from his car until he got home.

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