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County cops

Hot tub poachers

A second-homeowner on River Ranch Road in Edwards called deputies Oct. 23 to report that his pool cleaner suspected people were frequently trespassing on the property to use the hot tub. The pool cleaner said the tub’s temperature had been changed, valves had been turned and the cover was damaged over a six-week period. The homeowner asked deputies to increase patrols and keep an eye out for the hot tub poachers.

Hooded intruder

A Gypsum resident said her neighbor saw a male in a black hoodie inside her truck on Red Table Drive Oct. 23. The suspect took off on a bicycle.

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Wet concrete crime

Deputies are investigating a gang name and other writing that was written in wet concrete on the corner of Bradford and Valley Road in Gypsum Oct. 25. The cost to have the writing filled in with colored cement is $500.

Tired crime

A set of four car rims and tires worth $700 went missing under some fishy circumstances Oct. 24. The tires were in front of a Dotsero residence and a man asked a 20-year-old who lived at the residence if they were for sale. The 20-year-old said they weren’t his and told the man to ask his mom. The mom gave the man contact information for her boyfriend and the family didn’t speak with the man again until after the tires went missing. The man said he was at the hospital in Greeley.

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